Lucifer, “A Chance at a Happy Ending”

The sixteenth episode of the series’ fifth season is a game-changer


Anahit Sargsyan, Staff Writer

Lucifer, Season 5, Episode 16, (directed by Tom Kapinos, and starring Tom Ellis, Lauren German, Lesley Ann-Brandt and D.B¨.¨ Woodside) put fans through a “hell” of emotions. This specific episode has so much chaos in it, that my head starts to blow up (and don’t get me started on the tears). There’s death, destruction and betrayal. It is nuts. This episode leaves Lucifer fans obsessed and craving for more.

Let’s start from the beginning, which is the bus that falls from a cliff. Inmates on the bus start a fight with the officers out of nowhere, which then costs them their lives. Not only is this moment confusing, but one second later it switches to Lucifer and Michael (his evil twin brother), who are having a verbal argument at Lucifer’s nightclub, LUX.

Michael has come with a bargain, a deal if you may, that Lucifer will stay the good little devil that he is and Michael will become God. Of course Lucifer refuses, because Michael is offering Lucifer his own job, but Michael says that he will protect the people, more specifically Chloe, from harm. This has the entire fanbase all worried, because some people think that Lucifer will choose that option.

Let us not forget that Daniel Espinoza (Dan) has just passed away, so whilst Mazikeen, Amenadiel, and Linda are cleaning and packing his house, Mazikeen has a breakdown and says, “I miss him.” This is huge for the fandom of the series, because Mazikeen is a demon, who just recently got what she had been wanting, a soul. However, she comes to regret it because of the emotions that come with it.

Coming back to our main plotline, Lucifer suddenly admits that Dan, Chloe’s ex-husband, is not in heaven. Lucifer cannot lie after all, so when he says this, the entire fanbase was crushed and full of tears.

All of a sudden, one of Lucifer’s siblings, Remiel, comes to him all beaten and passes away. It is obvious the killer is Michael. The fandom has hated Michael from the start, and murdering his sibling has made the hatred towards him even bigger.

Anyway, Remiel is spying on Michael for Lucifer, and eventually he finds out that he has killed her. This is infuriating for Lucifer and his desire for revenge grows stronger. Meanwhile, the fanbase is screaming and wanting Lucifer to get revenge even more.

If we fast forward a little, and we get to Michael and Lucifer’s battlefield. Michael is waiting for Lucifer, and let me just say that Michael has over 20 angels on his side, while Lucifer has only 2 angels and one human. He is waiting for Maze to bring reinforcements, but we have no clue who they are.

In the meantime, Lucifer comes up with silly distractions, and my personal favorite is when Chloe, Amenadiel and Lucifer sing and dance to “U Can’t Touch This”. This is a classic moment in the series. Fans actually love that one scene so much that they have made edits of the cast singing and dancing to it on Instagram, Snapchat, TikTok and other social media platforms. It just lightens the mood for everyone in that very confusing and chaotic moment.

Now let’s talk about when the action begins. Maze arrives with Eve, who is the first woman ever, and she is also Mazikeen’s girlfriend (then his ex-girlfriend, and then his girlfriend again). Anyway, they arrive and guess who is with them? The inmates who fell from a cliff (well, at least their bodies). Now if we go back to Season 4, we remember that demons can enter the bodies of those who have recently died and been sent to hell, so that settles that issue.

Finally, Lucifer and Michael begin their battle to the death, but Michael has an advantage: the flaming sword. A quick recap: in Season 3, when the sword falls into the hands of a human, their bad desires and grudges against others come to the surface and bring the desire to kill without acknowledging it.

The ensuing battle is suspenseful, but then Lucifer’s sister, The Angel of Death, arrives, and Michael takes Chloe’s life. Here comes the best and worst part where LuciFans have felt the most pain, as Chloe dies in Lucifer’s arms.
Lucifer, not able to cope with the pain, goes to heaven without hesitation, where he is banned. If he is to return, he will burn into a pile of ash. When he arrives, Chloe is having dinner with his father when Lucifer arrives and begins burning.

He puts the ring of immortality on her finger, and his last words are “I love you. I choose you.” I can’t even begin to describe how many tears were falling at that moment. In past seasons, Lucifer has told Chloe, “If I ever said those three words to you, it would be a lie.” Let’s also not forget that the devil does not lie, but before his death he says those words.

When Chloe comes back to the mortal realm, she is driven by anger and has the flaming sword, taking Michael to the ground and yelling, “You took the man I love from me!” As she is about to kill Michael, which Lucifer fans were hoping for, Lucifer comes back better than ever and stops her.

It turns out in the end that Lucifer wins, but instead of killing his brother, he spares him and cuts off his angel wings as punishment. Then everyone kneels before Lucifer, accepting him as their God. The episode ends with him saying, “Oh my… Me.” (Get it? Like he’s God now? Ha ha.) Anyway, that is the moment where EVERY SINGLE FAN was screaming from happiness and joy.

Phew, what a TWIST! This episode has everything a person loves. There is comedy, mystery, romance, action, thrills, drama and so much more. I would very highly recommend this episode to anyone.

Lucifer is the show that I have rewatched many times and I never get tired of it. Other shows I would recommend that are similar to Lucifer are Constantine and Supernatural. Both are also very well-known and watched in the U.S.

All hail, Lucifer!