Let’s Get Squishy!

Squishmellows are the perfect companion for everyone


Introducing Sawyer

Selin Avanesyans, Staff Writer

Have you ever heard of Squishmallows? They are extremely soft plush toys, which contain polyester fibers and have a marshmallow-like texture. 

Squishmallows are a plush toy company that started in 2017. Last year, they started to grow on social media and now everyone is obsessed with these plush toys. Their price ranges from $2.99 to $59.99.

They come in 3-inch sizes to 24-inch sizes. The 3-inch versions are called “Micromallows”. They’re really cute! There are many variations of them from animals, mammals, fruits, insects, and more!

You can also buy “Flip-A-Mallows” which flip in and out. You can even purchase mystery bag Squishmallows. No matter what size they are, they all come with names and personalities. 

Squishmallows are machine washable. It is best to wash them with cool water and if there’s a small stain, you should use a stain remover. When you dry your Squishmallow, make sure you do so on a low heat. 

The most interesting part is that Squishmallows help people cope with stress and anxiety! They are perfect for teens and college students alike. They can also be a great gift, your couch buddy, and your best friend. 

There’s also something called “Squishmallow Hunting, where parents go with their kids, or friends go with friends, to hunt down Squishmallows. They tend to be hard to find or they’re always sold out. 

I have a Squishmallow named Sawyer, and he is the brown squirrel. When I feel stressed out, I hug my Squishmallow and I feel better. He is always a great conversation starter. Be careful when you buy your first Squishmallow, because once you do, you will want a collection. (Heh heh.)

Overall, Squishmallows are toys you won’t regret having. They bring great joy and comfort. Go get yours today! They are available now at Target, Costco, CVS, Five Below, Walgreens, and Aldi, and you can even find them online.