You Can Persevere with Mrs. Acosta

Our newest special education teacher hopes to encourage her students to do better!


Selin Avanesyans, Staff Writer

Mrs. Arlene Acosta was born in Los Angeles, California, and she grew up in the San Gabriel Valley. She teaches Integrated Math I and World History. 

During the pandemic, Mrs. Acosta discovered the joy of making yummy treats, such as cake pops, cocoa bombs, dipped Oreos, and chocolate-covered strawberries. Also, she decorates dessert tables as a hobby. 

Mrs. Acosta first taught at Jefferson High School in the LA Unified School District for three years. In LAUSD, they have co-teachers. “There [are] always two teachers [in a classroom]: the general education teacher and the special education teacher,” Mrs. Acosta said. “If there’s a certain number of students that have IEP’s [Individualized Education Plans] in a General Ed class, you have to have a special education teacher at the same time.”

Mrs. Acosta also taught one semester at an Opportunities For Learning Charter School. Before getting into education, Mrs. Acosta was a wife and a mom. She did volunteer work at her kids’ elementary school inside their classrooms. Before covid-19, she would run mini-carnivals at the school. 

Building relationships with her students is what Mrs. Acosta enjoys most about being a teacher. “Remember to persevere,” she said. “You may not get it right the first time, but that’s okay. Pick yourself up and try again until you get it.” 

Mrs. Acosta loves it here at GHS and sees herself continuing to teach here for many years to come. Eventually in the future, she wants to be an instructional specialist, by coaching teachers with strategies to design lessons for students to better understand their material. These coaches are called Teachers on Special Assignment in GUSD. 

Mrs. Acosta hopes to make more connections with her students and help them to pass all of their classes. Also, she hopes we don’t go on lockdown again.