The Music of Faouzia

The Moroccan-Canadian singer-songwriter is an artist that everyone should check out!

Selin Avanesyans, Staff Writer

Faouzia Ouihya is a singer-songwriter and musician. She was born in Morocco, and she grew up in Canada. Faouzia is twenty-one years old, and she speaks English, Arabic, and French. She plays a wide variety of musical instruments, including the guitar, the piano, the violin, the djembe and more. 

Faouzia has released many songs. One song called “RIP, Love” was released in March of this year, and it’s a new favorite of mine. It’s about a relationship that was never there. There was no love involved, and she didn’t learn from her past experiences. Even though the relationship didn’t work out, she is emotionally broken. 

Another great song is “Tears of Gold”, which was released in November of 2019. She created this song due to always giving and not being reciprocated. This song explains her emotions through crying, not just of saltwater but also of gold. 

Another song that stands out to me is called “You Don’t Even Know Me”, which was released in October of 2019. It is captivating and it made me want to know more about the artist. It expresses how people don’t often know what you’ve gone through. You’re the one who controls your own emotions and actions, and no one should make those decisions for you. 

Also, she has stripped down versions of many of her songs. Some of them are “Tears of Gold”, “How It All Works Out”, and “You Don’t Even Know Me”. Basically the songs have more vocal power and they are freestyle in a way. Her vocals are overall incredible. 

In addition, Faouzia recently worked on an upcoming project called Citizens, which was released on May 19th. The tracklist includes four new songs called “Thick and Thin”, “Anybody Else”, “So Lie”, and “I Know”. The other songs are “RIP, Love”, “Don’t Tell Me I’m Pretty”, “Puppet”, and “Minefields” by Faouzia and John Legend

You can currently listen to Faouzia’s songs on YouTube. Her songs tell amazing stories, and I cannot recommend her music highly enough. If you’re interested in emotional and powerful word songs, make sure to check her out!