The Super League: Good or Bad?

Is the the idea of a Super League really as bad as people say?


Vince Sanchez, Staff Writer

European soccer just had a huge controversial issue, when managers of the different clubs decided to start a brand new tournament league. It’s called the Super League. This league is basically an idea for the top teams across Europe to play against each other. 

The only problem is that there is already a league called UEFA Champions League, which serves the same purpose, but it gives smaller teams in Europe a chance to make the spotlight. I think this new Super League is a bad idea, because it takes away the chance that smaller teams have to make it big. The whole league also seems like some sort of money scheme. 

UEFA Champions League is all about the best teams from every league in Europe coming together for a tournament to see who is the best on the continent. It even gives a chance for smaller teams in not-so-popular leagues to have a chance to go against these bigger teams in Europe and possibly pull off an upset. 

However, in the Super League, only the biggest teams who are already rich and have tons of world-class players are going to be able to join. It takes away that little chance for a small club to succeed, which is very unfair.

One reason why many of these clubs are joining this league is because of the money that is involved. Teams that have joined this Super League will each receive around $250 million dollars each. 

Soccer used to be a sport of enjoyment and many people blame the Americans for this focus on money, because almost all of the teams that have joined the Super League are American owned, in some way. Fan have protested this tournament, because they think that it will ruin soccer and they feel that the teams are only in it for the money.

Recently, many soccer teams have withdrawn from the tournament, making the Super League nonexistent for now. The only problem is that when these clubs join UEFA again, the president said that they will have some sort of consequence for leaving in the first place. I’m glad that this league didn’t go as planned, because it was really not a good idea at all.