The Devastating Effects of Global Warming


Diana Voskanyan, Staff Writer

It has already been a long period of time that climate change has been a major problem and the global temperature is increasing. Some scientists say that global warming has been slowing down. However, if we do not prevent global warming, it will have serious consequences. Over time, when people burn fossil fuels or allow deforestation, greenhouse gases concentrate in the atmosphere, which causes global warming. There are many reasons why global warming is harmful and people should think about it in order to prevent dangerous results.

One of the reasons why global warming is harmful is because glaciers are melting. Glaciers are several thousand years old, and if they melt, it will be bad for the environment and for animals living in Antarctica or Greenland. Animals who are adapted to colder climates, need ice and cool weather, and they can’t live in warmer places. Because of global warming and glaciers melting, they can’t live where they are supposed to live. Also, when glaciers melt, huge amounts of cold water enter into the ocean’s warmer water and it causes the sea level to rise.

Furthermore, global warming causes wildfires. Because of global warming, heat waves occur in many regions which may increase the number of deadly and dangerous wildfires. These wildfires release hazardous elements and poisonous gases, such as carbon monoxide and nitrogen oxides. Those elements can be harmful to people and also to nature.

Finally, global warming increases the chances of the growth of different diseases. Because of global warming, diseases like asthma will become more common, and also there will be more allergic reactions. Air pollution will rise, and the air will become more dangerous to breathe. Also, because of temperatures rising, there will be more mosquitoes and they will transmit deadly infections. 

Therefore, global warming will have serious consequences if we don’t do anything to prevent it. Because of global warming, glaciers will melt, and there will no longer be penguins, polar bears or any other animals who are adapted to live in freezing climates. Also, there will be polluted air, which can cause deadly diseases. There will be more wildfires and our planet will be destroyed slowly by the time. We need to keep our planet clean and take steps to prevent climate change and global warming.