The Importance of Sleep for Teenagers

Learn why sleep is vital for teens as they grow


Diana Voskanyan, Staff Writer

A night of good sleep is essential for human health. It is as important as eating is for human beings. Sleep plays a huge role in our lives, and without enough sleep, humans can’t be alert and useful during the day. It helps our bodies to repair and be ready for the next day. Additionally, there are several reasons why sleep is especially important for teenagers

Sleep helps teenagers to improve their concentration and productivity. If teens get enough sleep, their brains will work faster and more effectively, and they will be able to focus more easily on things that are important. 

For example, if teenagers receive enough sleep, they can easily concentrate on lessons and homework and get the job done. Also, sleep can help a teenager to have a better performance, which means they will have better memory and problem-solving skills. 

Enough sleep can also further prevent diseases and positively affect a teenager’s health-risk factors. Poor quality sleep can cause chronic diseases, such as heart disease. Moreover, people who don’t get enough sleep also might experience a stroke. So, sleeping less than seven hours each day can increase your risk of serious health issues.

A final and major reason why sleep is important for teenagers is that it helps to improve their immune system. A lack of sleep can affect their ability to recover from simple health conditions, and they may feel weaker overall. Also, teenagers who don’t sleep enough can more easily get sick and make themselves susceptible to viruses. A lack of sleep can even affect a teen’s recovery time after they get sick. 

Therefore, sleep is one of the most important things in the life of a teenager. Without enough sleep, teenagers can more easily get sick and feel depressed and anxious throughout their day. They will have a weak immune system and memory loss. Good quality sleep is your biggest asset during your teenage years, so please take care of yourself and get at least 7 to 8 hours of sleep every night.