Stuffed Jalapeños with Cream Cheese and Takis


Seriously, though. These are good.

Maeli Ibarra, Staff Writer

Eating jalapeño peppers, stuffed with cream cheese and Takis, has become a viral sensation on Tik Tok. People have been eating an excessive number of jalapeños every day, but for some people, it is the only thing they eat the whole day. They may end up getting a very bad stomach pain and going to the hospital, but are the jalapeno peppers to blame? Or is this viral snack worth the pain to your system?

Do you like spicy food? Do you like snacks? Do you like cream cheese? If your answer to these questions is yes, then you must try this jalapeño and cream cheese combination. The jalapeño stuffed with cream cheese is a good snack to have while watching your favorite movie or TV show or just when you have a craving. 

The jalapeño with cream cheese is a tasty snack. The pepper gives it the crunch, the cream cheese gives it the creamy texture and the Takis give it the spice. Although many people have fallen too much in love with the snack, they have been eating an excess of five stuffed peppers a day. 

A woman named Jalizabeth ate 36 stuffed jalapeños and woke up with a major stomach pain and fainted because of the pain she felt, with a fever of 40 degrees Celsius. Doctors took a CAT scan and an x-ray to see if it was because of the stuffed jalapeños, but they couldn’t find anything wrong. 

Obviously if you eat a large number of stuffed peppers, you will cause yourself a stomach ache, but if you’re just eating a low amount, it should be a snack you can enjoy constantly. 

If you eat too many stuffed peppers, it can actually cause a chemical burn to your throat and esophagus. Stuffed peppers should stay under the category of a “snack”, and people should stick with it being a snack and not overdose themselves with stuffed peppers. Many people are also challenging their friends to see who can eat the most stuffed peppers before getting spiced out, but that’s just a way for you to end up in the hospital. 

Overall, if you love spicy stuff and love munching on some snacks, then the stuffed jalapeño is a must for you. You should definitely give it a try, but do not eat too many, because it can do harm to your body. The jalapeño pepper isn’t bad for you, but it’s your choice whether you end up in the hospital or not, depending on how much you choose to eat.