Covid-19 Vaccinations for Animals Are Now Available

Help our animal friends stay safe from coronavirus


Maeli Ibarra, Staff Writer

The ZooTampa, located in Florida, will begin to vaccinate their animals beginning this year. They want to do it to keep the animals safe for when the zoo begins to reopen once again.

Humans have had access to three covid-19 vaccines, but these are not safe for our animal friends. Thankfully, animals now have a vaccine available called the Zoetis vaccine. Zoetis promotes itself as the largest producer of vaccinations and medicine for animals. 

The senior vice president of Animal Health International told Fox News that she and her team are beyond excited, because their animals now have access to a covid-19 vaccine. Although ZooTampa has not had any animals at the zoo test positive or die because of the virus, this vaccine allows them to keep their animals safe and continue their perfect record.

However, in January of last year, the San Diego Zoo did have a gorilla test positive for covid-19. They therefore had early access to the Zoetis vaccine, and they vaccinated four orangutans and five bonobos in February of 2020. Many zoos are also planning on vaccinating their animals to keep them safe. 

It is important to note that this vaccine is not only available for zoo animals, but for your own pets as well. We can now vaccinate our pets and keep the world and them safe from this deadly virus. Click HERE to find out how to vaccinate your pet today!