The One and Only Juliet

The last living macaw in Rio de Janeiro is looking for love in all the wrong places


Maeli Ibarra, Staff Writer

In Rio de Janeiro, it has been said that there’s only one wild macaw flying around looking for love. Her name is Juliet, and she is the last macaw still alive in Brazil, where all macaws are most known.  

Macaws live for about 35 years. These birds are social, and they do not like to be alone, so you can only imagine how Juliet feels at this moment. She’s just trying to find a friend, maybe even her soulmate, but that’s going to be challenging, when she’s the only one of her species around. 

Juliet is at Rio De Janeiro’s Zoo. She flies around her enclosure to communicate with the people through the fences. Many believe that she flies out to look for love. Sometimes Juliet just stands around on a branch and enjoys the presence of people and just looks out, hoping she has someone to play or communicate with. 

Neiva Guedes, president of the Hyacinth Macaw Institute, stated that Juliet should have found a lifelong mate years ago. The only problem is that Juliet has already shown signs of wanting to mate, such as building her own nest for her chicks. Neiva Guedes says, “It seems to me she’s still just dating.” 

Aside from Juliet, the last blue and gold macaw flying free around in Rio was in the year 1818. There are no other types of macaws in the city. They are also often seen in other parts of Brazil, across the Amazon River. Many people suspect that Juliet must have escaped from captivity. 

It’s not even official that Juliet is a female. It is almost impossible to tell the gender of a macaw by sight. Macaws require testing of feathers and blood examinations to determine their gender. 

Macaws are beautiful animals most seen in Brazil. They are friendly creatures and hate to be alone. Macaws are extremely smart and get pretty talkative. Let’s hope Juliet finds her loved one really soon, so that she can bond with others of her species and won’t ever have to be left alone.