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The News Website for Glendale High School


The News Website for Glendale High School


Wendy Alvarado Has Come a Long Way!!

A lot has changed since our beloved English teacher first came to GHS.
Ms. Wendy Alvarado (right) runs a mobile plant shop with her mother, Vilma, and her sister, Cindy.

In the halls of the 2000 Building at Glendale High School, one beloved teacher stands out, not only for her passion for literature but also for her kindness and love for her students. Ms. Wendy Alvarado, an English teacher at GHS, has not only passed all the challenges of teaching in a diverse community but also done the best job possible. 

Ms. Alvarado’s journey to becoming an educator has been characterized by her commitment to putting forth her best effort and, most importantly, being guided by love. Since she first arrived on our campus back in 2021, she has had a strong impact on her students and our school community.

What has changed since you first became a teacher at GHS?

I think the first thing that has changed, since first becoming a teacher, has been my integration of technology in the classroom. I feel like, at first, I was kind of shy and wanted to go back to the basics, with pen and paper. And I still do that; we still do a lot of things where students are physically writing down their responses. 

But I also think that incorporating technology has helped to facilitate a lot of activities, and I feel like it engages students a little bit more, too. So that’s something that has changed from when I first became a high school teacher.

How has being in a school community, with many different races, ethnicities, and religions, affected your perspective on life?

I think working here at Glendale has exposed me to so many different cultures and ethnicities. And [it] has opened my eyes in many ways, because I realized that, even though there are so many students with different backgrounds, we also share so many common values, traditions, [and] just family things that are just so beautiful to be able to share with students. It excites me when I hear about things that they have coming up, [especially if] it’s a family tradition or it [a] cultural thing that they like to do. 

So I can identify with that, even if we’re all from different backgrounds. I think that’s something that is just very important, and it just makes you feel united with your students.

Ms. Alvarado’s garden is beautiful!

What are your interests outside of school?

I have a big interest in plants and gardens, and I find that to be very soothing and relaxing. I love taking care of my plants at home and just growing…food, like vegetables and fruit. I think it’s really important. So in the future, I just want to continue to expand my garden.

Why did you choose to be an English teacher instead of teaching another subject? 

I think that literature is just something that unites everyone. And I love that literature can transcend time and space, and even language, because I think that we all share these universal truths. 

And the more you read, the more you find out that we’re all just one human race. And we all have the same struggles, [and] we all have the same battles. I feel like literature exposes you to the human condition and I love that. So that’s why I love to read so much, [because] it’s so important.

Can you share a memorable teaching experience that has impacted your perspective on education?

I feel like I’ve had so many different experiences that have impacted my perspective on education. I think that [it’s] wonderful now that I’ve been here at Glendale a little bit longer. I just like seeing the students grow. Even from the first semester towards the end of the second semester, students grow so much, mentally and physically. 

Then something that’s even more special is when I have the opportunity to have students for two years, because I see them as 10th graders and then I get to see them again as 11th graders. I love that, because you guys are continuously changing and evolving into adults. 

Something very memorable [is hard to pinpoint, because there have] been so many good times. But I think that the most special thing is just watching students [during] first semester, especially when they’re a little bit more on the shy side, and then just watching them evolve as wonderful adults.

Mrs. Alvarado has a clear dedication to students and a passion for literature. Through technology, new lessons about people of different cultures, and personal growth, she shows the impact teachers can have in our community. Her story shows the power of education to inspire our students and the effect that the right teacher can have on our campus.


About the Contributor
Ilona Serobyan
Ilona Serobyan, Staff Writer
Ilona is a sophomore at Glendale High School, and she is part of the Armenian Club. This is her second year as a member of the journalism staff, and she is proud to work on the school newspaper. She enjoys reading, sports, and art.
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