White Chicks

The biggest comedy hit from 2004 is still hilarious today!


Anahit Sargsyan, Staff Writer

White Chicks is an American film co-written and directed by Keenen Ivory Wayans. It is the perfect balance of crime and comedy, especially for family movie nights, and it stars the iconic duo of Marlon Wayans and Shawn Wayans, who are the other two co-writers on the film. The movie also features Busy Philipps, Maitland Ward and Terry Crews. You can watch it now on Hulu, Amazon Prime Video and HBO Max.

Marcus Copeland (Marlon) and Kevin Copeland (Shawn) are FBI agents who fail at every task they get assigned. The movie begins with the two brothers disguised as old men in a little convenience store, in order to find the people who are selling illegal substances in the form of ice cream. Not only do they catch the wrong people, but they also let the bad guys get away and cause property damage of $250,000. 

Their chief assigns them to the seemingly simple task of picking up the Wilson sisters from the airport and dropping them off at the Hilton Hotel. The Wilson sisters are in danger of being abducted, and on the way to the hotel, a car accident takes place and the luxurious sisters receive small scars. Marcus and Kevin begin to panic, because they know that their chief is going to lay them off from work, so instead of telling him the truth, they disguise themselves as the Wilson sisters and live the lives of the wealthy, rich and dumb. 

 As you watch the movie, the more interesting it becomes, and the more your stomach will hurt from laughter. The actors deliver their roles very well, which is what makes the movie more entertaining. Kevin and Marcus go through different hilarious situations, but at the end of the day, they have each other’s backs. The movie shows how real a friendship can be, especially between brothers, and you can feel that they truly care about one another.

Marlon and Shawn also have a very close relationship in real life, of course because they are brothers. Actually, they had their own series called The Wayan Bros., but sadly it was canceled because of a decline in viewership. The brothers are well-known and loved because of their sense of humor, and they have starred in many other comedies, such as Fifty Shades of Black and the Scary Movie Trilogy. 

Terry Crews decides to take matters into his own hands.

Overall, this movie is just about good people making others laugh for a living, just like Terry Crews, who is a person that lights up a room with his smile. He is a very talented actor and never fails at any role he gets, but my personal favorite is his role in Brooklyn Nine-Nine

The music in this movie is on a whole different level. Without the music, the movie wouldn’t be as much fun. The filmmakers had clearly taken their time with the soundtrack and made the wisest decisions. 

The best song on the soundtrack is “It’s Tricky” by Run-D.M.C. This is when the iconic dance battle takes place, and I know that it will go down in history as one of the funniest scenes in any movie ever. 

To sum it all up, White Chicks is definitely a movie you don’t want to miss, and if you like this movie, you should definitely watch Dance Flick and Little Man. Both these movies also star the very-much-loved Shawn and Marlon Wayans.