Floran Green, Title Fight

How well does this album hold up?


Alex De La Garza, Staff Writer

Floral Green is the third studio album released by Title Fight, through their label SideOneDummy Records. Members of the band include brothers Ned Russian on bass guitar and Ben Russian on drum kit, with Shane Moran on guitar and Jamie Rodhen on vocals. Overall, this album is pretty great, because of how raw the instrumentals are here. You can also hear that the bass, drums, guitar and vocals are done really well.   

Floral Green is a lot different from Title Fight’s 2011 album Shed, which has some similar tracks but is in a different genre. Each new album they release is totally different from their last one. For example, Hyperview has a very different tone and mood compared to their last three albums, as it has a shoegaze kind of style to it, that is similar to the music of My Bloody Valentine and SlowdiveEach song on Floral Green is amazing and well-made, and the lyrics are even better. 

“Numb, But I Still Feel It” is the first song on the album and it is a great opening track. This song deals with mental health and how a person can only take in so much from their surroundings. 

The fourth song is the best track on this album. “Secret Society”‘ has a lot to do with leaving all your friends behind, because they have treated you like garbage over the years. When Jamie Rodhen sings, “I made promises that I can’t keep. I fell asleep,” he is referring to having other friends that no one else knows about. It implies that only you are a secret society to yourself. 

Another amazing song is “Head In The Ceiling Fan”, which is an extremely strong track. A lot more people know this song, because it is a lot more popular than their other ones. This song has slow chords, but they are played so heavily that it doesn’t feel slow. 

“Sympathy” is another really terrific song on this album. You can really hear the vocals on this track and feel the message that Rodhen is trying to communicate. This song focuses on wanting to be treated normally, and not having people be sympathetic to you, but treating you like a real person.  

“Frown” is another powerful song that depicts the type of thoughts, emotions, and actions that you may have when enduring the harder things in your life. It deals with depression and how it affects a person’s actions and the decisions they make.

Overall, Floral Green is the best album from Title Fight. It touches on the subjects of loneliness, mental health and moving on, in an honest and heartfelt way. And if you like Title Fight, make sure to also check out Modern Baseball and Glitterer.