Coach Weisman Gets a Kick Out of Coaching


Anri Sahakyan, Staff Writer

Brandon Weisman is the head coach for the boys varsity soccer team and a teacher of Human Geography at Glendale High School. He is 30 years old and was born in Fountain Valley, California. Some of his hobbies include coaching and watching sports.

Mr. Weisman first got interested in teaching back in high school, inspired by a few good teachers who made his classes more fun. Now he tries to do the same for our generation in his own classroom.

Mr. Weisman’s most favorite thing about teaching is seeing the process that the students make from not understanding the curriculum to finally learning it. In contrast, his least favorite thing about teaching is dealing with kids at 8 o’clock in the morning.

Mr. Weisman also got into coaching soccer after he finished college, when he missed playing the sport after high school. He started his coaching career at Temecula Valley High School as the JV coach. Later, he became the varsity coach for Chaparral High School.

After leaving Chaparral, Mr. Weisman chose Glendale High School as his next destination, because the school offered him a teaching position along with coaching, which was the exact type of job that he was looking for. Today, he is going into his third year at Glendale High School, both as a coach and a teacher, and he hopes to continue his career as a Nitro.

As a coach, Mr. Weisman thinks that the team has a good amount of experienced players who have been on the team for 3-4 years and are hungry to win. He also wants his team to compete in as many tournaments as possible. One goal for the team this season is to finish higher than the fourth-place position they’ve had these past two years in the Pacific League. He also hopes to have a longer run in the CIF playoffs.

In addition, one long term goal for the team is to build a program identity, where people already know what to expect from them year after year. Surely it will take a lot of time and effort to make it happen, but it will be very beneficial for the team in the long run.

Overall, Mr. Weisman thinks that the future after covid-19 will not be the same as it was before, because people will be more careful and wash their hands more often. However, he is very confident about the future of our school, and he hopes that the soccer season will begin as planned on February 27th. In the next five years, Mr. Weisman sees himself with his own family, which will be a goal for the next stage of his life.