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EA Sports has taken FIFA to another level

FIFA 21 is currently the most advanced and technological soccer simulation game in the world made by EA Sports. It features thousands of current and former legendary players, with the 21-year-old French superstar and PSG player Kylian Mbappé featured on the cover of the iconic game. 

It can be played on various platforms, such as Playstation, XBOX, and PC. Although the game has some negative aspects, overall it is a very good game to buy, and you will enjoy playing it both alone and with a group of friends.

The graphics of the game are very natural and as realistic as before. EA also did a really good job of making the runs and movements of the famous players unique to them, which makes the game more enjoyable. 

However, some of the famous players are not as naturally-made as before. The reason behind it is the fact that FIFA lost the license to represent the official logo and the name of few soccer clubs, such as Juventus, which is called Piemonte Calcio within the game. They sold the rights to represent their club to the Konami-made product Pro Evolution Soccer.

Another positive aspect of the game is the overall gameplay, which became faster, more creative and natural. EA developed the intellect of the players, which allowed them to make creative runs, defend smarter and act more naturally when shooting or getting tackled by the opposition. On the other hand, the glitches still have not gone away from the game and they happen occasionally.

The game mode called Ultimate Team, where people create their own squads with all the available players in the game, also has a couple of updates this year. For example, EA made it possible for players to customize their own stadium, which everyone likes. They also added more Icon players, meaning legends of the game that have already finished their careers. These additions make FIFA 21 more historic and classic.

Unfortunately, there are several negative parts in the game, too. First, the most irritating part are the referees in the game. They give many unnecessary fouls and show yellow and red cards to the players that should not be booked. It also causes the game to stop too much, which makes players angry and doesn’t let them express themselves and play freely.

Another negative point in the game are the goalkeepers. Although the strikers make better runs and have “1v1” situations with the goalkeepers very often during the game, it is much easier to score a goal than in previous versions of FIFA.

Consequently, buying the new FIFA 21 will not be a total waste of money, because the gameplay has actually become better and more dynamic than in last year’s edition. Also, with Black Friday coming up soon, it is not a bad idea to get a newly-released game for a cheaper price. Therefore, I would recommend buying this latest EA Sports product and enjoy playing it both alone and with a group of friends.

About the Contributor
Anri Sahakyan
Anri Sahakyan, Staff Writer
Anri is a senior at Glendale High School. He is the captain of the boys varsity soccer team. He likes to watch movies and different sports and to travel around the world.
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