A Scramble for Eggs

The egg shortage is not only affecting families


Nicole Duarte, Staff Writer

Starting in 2014, and continuing through 2015, egg prices have gone up due to the shortage in egg supplies. However, the shortage became more prominent at the start of the new year in January. 

The avian influenza, most commonly known as the bird flu, is infecting the chickens that produce our eggs, causing supplies to drop worldwide. While the outbreak of this deadly virus is a notable factor, inflation also plays a significant role. After the loss of patronage for many businesses during the COVID pandemic, food prices have doubled, if not worse. 

The increase in egg prices nationwide has been a concern to families everywhere. Many people are complaining about the incredible rise in prices, yet some others are hoarding egg cartons, in an effort to purchase as many eggs as possible when grocery shopping. 

Overall, these actions have done nothing but drive egg prices even higher. Although many families have been affected by this crisis, a large number of businesses are also suffering even more from the shortage. We should therefore consider the egg shortage from the perspective of a small business.

Free eggs in carton image, public domain food CC0 photo. (rawpixel.com)

I first considered how the egg shortage might be affecting businesses after I came across a TikTok video with about 12.4 million views. This video was from a daily baking vlog made by user @brookibakehouse who owns a bakery in Brisbane. In her video, she narrates her daily responsibilities in running her business, and the most relevant part of this particular video comes towards the end, when she has to go out for supplies.

“I had to race out the door and get some eggs, because we are suffering from an egg shortage as is,” she expressed. “I think every bakery and baker in the world… we just keep struggling to get eggs.” Upon hearing those words, I knew for a fact that, although the egg shortage is commonly a problem for private households, there are those who need eggs much more than we do. Businesses, especially smaller ones like this bakery, are always in dire need of eggs for the sake of their livelihood. 

These businesses have to obtain egg supplies from the same places we obtain ours, and it doesn’t help in the slightest when consumers start hoarding them. We can be selfish when it comes to our own purchases, because we forget that small businesses don’t have the means to have large supplies manufactured solely for them. Therefore, this just adds an extra nuisance to the amount of stress that small businesses owners must endure.

Both the recent egg shortage and inflation have affected all of us, and these crises have taken a toll on our economy. As frustrating as this may be, with all the price increases and limited supplies, we need to stay empathetic and have some regard for others. Eggs are a staple in most people’s diets, most commonly during breakfast, which makes them so valuable to everyone. And yet despite this, we need to be more considerate of each other and remember that this egg shortage is something that affects us all.