Kanye Loves Interviews


Rafayel Hovhannisyan, Staff Writer

Kanye was back for a two-part interview with none other than former America’s Got Talent and Wildin’ Out presenter, Nick Cannon.

 Trace William Cowen, a writer for the hip-hop related news company “Complex”, stated that, despite “no one asking for this, and despite the overwhelming sense that the world is aching to move on from acknowledging the existence of such things at all, Kanye West and Nick Cannon have still decided to share part 2 of their apparently quite long interview.”

Cowen then went ahead and cherry-picked quotes and tried his best to paint West as a simplistic character with outrageous statements, but his argument overall was very ineffective. It is surprising that he was so offended that Kanye was talking about his religious and Republican views, because there is no evidence of any negative reactions in the comments section of the interview. Instead, it was mostly just adoring fans who were pushing Kanye forward. 

Most comments were quotes from the interview, but there were also comments like the one from the user Azet who called Kanye a “billionaire that’s not afraid to hide his vulnerabilities…That’s a rare breed.”

Despite Cowen’s criticisms, this Kanye interview was necessary, not only for the public, but also for his fans. They want to understand what is going on in his head, and this interview accomplishes that.  It further helps the public to finally have some sort of idea of what he is trying to achieve.

Kanye is definitely one of the brightest minds of his generation of artists. Regardless of this, Kanye is not a stable celebrity for the limelight as of this moment and should probably take some time away from the camera to work on his mental health.

Kanye is one of the few artists that can confidently boast about his career. Seven of his eight albums have gone platinum, selling over 3 million copies with each release. He has also launched a successful fashion line under the name Yeezy, with shoes selling out each time they launch. He has been respected by many fashion icons, like Anna Wintour, Riccardo Tisci and Tory Burch. He has been involved in all aspects of art, moving from dance to architecture to music.

Regarding his career, Kanye mentioned how Forbes finally put him on the billionaire’s list. He called out the publication for being biased against him by excluding him for 3 years, saying that the magazine employs  “some of [his] favorite white supremacists.”

In the realm of politics, Kanye of course addressed abortion. His one fair point on the issue concerned birth-control pioneer, Margaret Sanger, who was an openly racist person. Sanger’s work led to the formation of Planned Parenthood, but she also believed that birth control “must lead ultimately to a cleaner race.” Kanye, though, undercuts his argument by stating that “80% of African American children have been aborted.” He seems to try to make the argument that Planned Parenthood is trying to eliminate black people, which is obviously a very radical statement and cannot be supported by any statistic. 

        While his politics seem radical, it can all become clear when you hear him talk about religion. He uses religion to justify all of his political knowledge. From his perspective, it makes perfect sense to him why he says what he says. He makes it very clear that he does not hate Biden or Sanders, and in fact he tried to get an interview with them but was denied. When asked about Kamala Harris as Vice President, Kanye simply would prefer “anything that’s good for Christ.”

Kanye has been a creative inspiration for many people for as long as they can remember, and while he is a bit on the crazier side, there is a connection that most people feel with his creativity. When you truly understand Kanye, then you can start to appreciate his art. You should not only listen to his mainstream albums, like Late Registration and My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy. Instead, check out Ye, Yeezus , and Jesus is King. These are albums that show a human side to Kanye, while undoubtedly making him one of the greatest visual artists to date. He has a passion that you can’t see in many people these days.

  Like Kanye has said, “No one loves Kanye, like how Kanye loves Kanye.”