The Falcon and the Winter Soldier “Episode 2: The Star Spangled Man”

Our second in a series of reviews of every episode of The Falcon and the Winter Soldier


Rafayel Hovhannisyan, Staff Writer


The second episode of this miniseries first became available last Friday and gave the audience a little more insight into two new characters first introduced in the last episode: John Walker, the new Captain America, and a key member of the Flag Smasher’s, Karli Morgenthau.

Honestly, it is confusing whether the show wants us to see these two characters as the problems or obstacles in the show or not. 

First of all, John Walker is portrayed as a humble, rule-follower who is more than willing to work with Sam and Bucky in order to pursue the Flag Smashers. It is also further revealed how he hasn’t purposefully stolen the position of Captain America; he was put into the role and is insecure about it himself. He is portrayed as a relatable character, and this makes it really hard for the audience to see him as a problem in the story.

Another confusing point is the Flag Smashers themselves. This is a group that has unified basically everyone, regardless of status or race,  arewho dissatisfied with how everything has gone back to normal after The Blip. I don’t see what’s wrong with their vision of world unity.

The only concerning part of this group is that there are super-soldiers among them, which makes them have powers like Captain America. This is a problem if the group strays from their original goals, but as of now they just seem to be using their powers to get back to their original state during The Blip.

The second episode is still too early in the series to get any major action, but we do get a fight scene with the Flag Smashers against US Agent, Falcon and Bucky. This fight is crucial because it confirms how the group has had access to the super soldier serum.

Finally, the most important part of the episode is when it is revealed that Baron Zemo is in jail and hinting that he is going to be soon broken out. How he is tied to the new super group is unknown yet, but the best guess is that the leaders of this group might not have the same ideas of unity that the rest of the group members might have.

Honestly, I never understood why Zemo was seen as a bad guy either. He did kill some people in Captain America: Civil War, but it was all because of The Avengers that he became a bad guy in the first place. The irresponsible actions of these heroes literally led to the death of all his family members. I think that would prompt a little anger in anyone.

Whatever happens, we all know that Zemo is a very intelligent human being, and it is very interesting villain to reintroduce into the Marvel cinematic universe.

Until next week, readers!