The Power Broker Was the Wrong Villain!

There would have been better alternatives to the Power Broker in The Falcon and the Winter Soldier


Rafayel Hovhannisyan, Staff Writer

As The Falcon and the Winter Soldier comes to an end, many fans would agree that it was an amazing show that offered as much as it could. I am one of those many fans who was also very satisfied, but there was one issue, The Power Broker. 

If you read my earlier article, I went a little into why the Power Broker is a non-important comic character. I did a lot of thinking about what villain should have replaced her, and I came to the conclusion that two other characters should’ve been introduced instead: Lucia Von Bardas and The Tinkerer

I might’ve lost some of you here, so let me explain.

Lucia Von Bardas was a university professor who was promoted as the leader of Latveria after Dr. Doom was removed by the Fantastic Four. Now you might be thinking, “but we don’t have any Fantastic Four movies yet in the MCU”. That’s where you’re partially wrong, because it is rumored that later this year we should be expecting a new Fantastic Four movie. So how great would it have been if we had even a small cameo by this character that will start setting in motion the events of Secret War? (Not to be mistaken for Secret Wars).

If anyone has read comics, they’ll know about the Secret War miniseries. Not to get too much into it or spoil it, the story follows Nick Fury sending a group of superheroes (most of which are already introduced in the MCU) into Latveria to take out the leadership. It ends disastrously, Fury has to wipe all their minds (besides Captain America’s), and Lucia Von Bardas comes to get revenge. If you want a better summary, click HERE, but it is filled with spoilers.

Now for the Tinkerer. This villain would fit perfectly into the story and would also lead to the Secret War storyline. Sharon Carter could’ve been revealed to go by the alias “Lucia Von Bardas” and she would be funding the Tinkerer to make high-tech equipment for low-tier villains. This would make a great plotline that could be carried through all the movies, even into the next phase. 

I understand for the casual watcher this might seem a little excessive and not important, but it would be amazing to see one of the most legendary plotlines in the Marvel Universe to be played out on the big screen. If you want to read the Secret War miniseries summary for yourself and make a decision, visit HERE.