The All-Time Top Five Episodes of The Office

These are the five best episodes that will leave you satisfied and smiling…


Aniella Pieprzyca, Staff Writer

The Office is a beloved American sitcom that is now streaming on Peacock. The show has a way to keep you entertained, with Michael’s foolish antics, Pam and Jim’s “situationship”, and the overall chaos of the other characters. All of the episodes start off with a cold open, which is always out-of-pocket and awkward, and you will always be hooked at the beginning of each episode. 

However, after nine seasons and over 200 episodes, these are the top five episodes that you definitely should not miss: 

#1: “Dinner Party” Season 4, Episode 13

In this episode, Michael, played by Steve Carrell, tells everyone not to make plans, because they all have to work late. When he sees how miserable everyone is, he “calls” the corporate office to tell them that it’s unfair and they don’t want to work anymore. 

Michael then asks Jim and Pam if they would like to come over to have dinner with him and his girlfriend, Jan, and both Angela and Andy get dragged into this as well. Throughout this episode, we see how differently everyone acts outside of the office environment.

This is the best overall episode of the series, because it is honestly one of the most iconic episodes of the show. The amount of jokes that you can quote, and how recognizable they are, is insane. Every fan of The Office will tell you how amazingly funny this episode is. 

In an episode of The Office Ladies podcast, featuring Angela Kinsey, who plays Angela, and Jenna Fischer, who plays Pam, we receive some extra insight into this episode. Throughout the podcast, they mention how everyone was always laughing so much during filming, that they had to keep reshooting scenes. I am sure that this episode will leave you crying with laughter.

#2: “Niagara: Part 1” and “Niagara: Part 2” Season 6, Episodes 4 & 5

This episode is definitely for fans of a more romantic comedy. We have all been rooting for Pam and Jim from the beginning, and these are the episodes we have ALL been waiting for! 

In this two-episode arc, we get to see Jim and Pam’s wedding, and everyone from the office is invited and is so excited for them. However, they have to keep one big secret from Pam’s MeeMaw—that Pam is pregnant. 

So many unexpected things happen at the wedding (like Andy doing the splits?!). You will absolutely have a smile on your face the whole time, whether it be from all the cute Pam and Jim moments or during the many hilarious moments featuring the whole cast.  

These two episodes just bring so much joy for The Office fans who have been rooting for Jim and Pam since the very first episode. One of the best moments is when Jim admits, “I bought those boat tickets the day I saw that You Tube video. I knew we’d need a back-up plan. The boat was actually Plan C, the church was Plan B, and Plan A was marrying her a long, long time ago. Pretty much the day I met her.” I would recommend this episode if you’re ever feeling sentimental, but want some comedy action.

#3: “Finale: Part 1” and “Finale: Part 2” Season 9, Episodes 24 & 25

In these two episodes, we see the characters one year after the documentary has aired, and we see where everyone has gone and where they are going next. Dwight is now the manager of the Scranton branch, and there have been lots of changes, like new faces and morning yoga. This is also the episode where Angela and Dwight tie the knot! 

And Jim is the best man, who has been tasked with planning Dwight’s last night as a single man, which has some hilarious moments. Then there is a special appearance from Michael, who takes over as the best man at the wedding. We also see all the hidden friendships bloom, and it’s just so beautiful to watch these episodes unfold.

These episodes are third-best overall, because they feel very nostalgic, in a way, especially in that everyone is moving on with their lives and starting families. You will also feel very sentimental, as you see everyone saying their goodbyes to the people leaving the company.

#4: “Stress Relief: Part 2” Season 5, Episode 15

In this episode, we are following up on an incident that Dwight caused in the previous episode, and a “fake” fire drill causes Stanley to have a heart attack. We then learn that Michael is the main source of stress for Stanley, so that’s when he decides to have a roast-off. 

At the roast-off, many people are roasting Michael very hard, and he eventually walks off the “stage” and doesn’t show up for work the next day. At first, the office staff thinks that they have all been a little too harsh on him, but Michael eventually shows up late to roast everyone there. This part is absolutely hilarious, and it shows that they are all really a family. This episode is the fourth best, because the last part is iconic and will never fail to make anyone laugh.

#5: “The Convict” Season 3, Episode 9

In this episode, it’s merger day! Michael is preparing for some of the Stanford branch to start working at the Scranton branch. We also get to see a return of Jim, who had previously left the Scranton branch to “run” from his feelings for Pam. 

Michael first welcomes all the new people with a gift bag. Later on, we find out that one of the new people from Stanford is an ex-convict, named Martin Nash, who seems very friendly to everyone. Michael thinks he is being stereotyped, only because he is black. 

This all starts escalating when people start saying that jail sounds better than working in the office. Then Michael holds a conference meeting, where the whole staff meets Prison Mike. This part is absolutely hilarious, because Michael is talking total nonsense. 

This is the fifth best episode of the series, because Prison Mike is iconic, and there are so many memes out there of him and his purple bandana. This also goes further into how normal people from the Stanford branch walk into a world where Michael is suddenly their boss. It just shows how crazy it can get at the Scranton branch on a daily basis.

Overall, The Office is such an amazing show, and there are lots and lots of episodes that will have you dying of laughter. This is the one show that you can easily recommend to anyone who enjoys drama and comedy. Go check out these five episodes and maybe you will become a superfan of The Office as well!