YouTube Friends Are Doing It for the Fans

Universal Fangirls are shooting for the memories


Edmond Hayrapetyan, Staff Writer

It all started in October of 2021 when the trio of Natalie Chakhoyan, Emily Marookian and Carmen Avedian got inspired and decided to start up their own YouTube channel called Universal Fangirls. Natalie and her friends wanted to record their memories and look back on them when they got older. 

“What inspired me to want to make the channel is that the videos are a way for us to see them in the future, and look back on all the funny memories we made with our friends,” Emily said. They are inspired and are motivated by each other.

Natalie, Emily and Carmen are 16-year-old juniors at Glendale High School who like to be involved. Natalie and Carmen founded the GHS Weightlifting Club last year. Additionally Emily and Carmen like to play competitive basketball, both on and off campus. Some of the activities that they like to do in their free time is hanging out with their friends and hitting the gym. 

It has been one year since they started their YouTube channel, and they have no regrets about it and still enjoy making videos. They usually record videos once a month, when they have something fun going on, or when they’re out with their friends. 

Although they only upload videos once a month, they love making them for their fans, and their favorite part about having a channel is that their memories are being recorded. 

One of the fans of Universal Fangirls is senior Romeo Ghariby. “I love watching their vlogs during my work break,” he said. Their content mostly includes people in their lives and a lot of people from school as well. 

Even though Natalie, Emily and Carmen love making their videos, the good comes with the bad. Their least favorite part of uploading their work is that there is a long editing process, because it normally takes Carmen about six hours to edit each video. Although it is a long process and takes a lot of time, they still enjoy producing the content at the end of the day, because their fans are looking forward to their videos every month. 

As for what they plan to do after high school, Emily wants to study law and become an attorney in the future. As for Natalie, she is currently unsure of what she wants to do following graduation, but she wants to do something that will make her wealthy.

Natalie, Emily and Carmen love what they do, and the channel is turning out better than they had expected. They are also looking forward to uploading more videos for their fans soon. 

Natalie feels that they are not focused on being famous or being well-known for their YouTube channel, but they just do it for the fun and the memories. As of right now, the Universal Fangirls channel doesn’t have a large number of subscribers so please support and subscribe to their YouTube channel for more upcoming videos! Stay Universal, Nitros!