Turning Red

Teenage girls, it’s our time to speak, in the most relatable Pixar movie ever!


Anahit Sargsyan, Staff Writer

Turning Red is the twenty-fifth movie produced by Pixar Animation Studios. It was released on Disney+ on March 11, 2022. Never has an animated movie felt so relatable to teenagers today. 

Of course, there are many things in the movie that are highly impossible, such as a girl turning into a red panda when she gets too excited. However, the overall message of this film is pretty clear and accurate. 

Turning Red was written and directed by Academy Award winner, Domee Shi. She turned her experiences growing up as a Chinese Canadian into a successful movie and opened so many people’s eyes. Shi has given teenage girls, who are just getting into their hormonal stage and leaving their little girl stage behind them, a sense of belonging. The plot of her film is just amazing. 

The story relates to so many things that a teenage girl goes through in her life, especially when they just start developing and having feelings towards others. Turning Red is also the first film from Pixar that was made almost entirely by women, including the direction, the writing, the character design and the animation.

Not only does the movie depict a girl’s emotional and physical changes, but it also shows how the world around them changes as well. Boys can also learn a lot after watching this film. 

Unfortunately, many people have given this movie bad reviews, just because it was created primarily by women. However, if you watch the movie closely, and put some thought into it, the film just describes teenagers in general and how hard it is to adapt to the real world. 

Another point in the film is a feuding relationship between a parent and their child. Turning Red also shows how the main character, Mei, feels as if she has to accept a lot of responsibility at a young age, and that she is growing up too fast. Along the way, she finds herself romanticizing about a boy. Mei keeps it to herself, but once her mother finds out, she throws a tantrum and poof! Mei turns into a big red panda. 

Overall, Turning Red is truly a movie for this generation and throws the truth of teenage life into the world. The animation is incredible, and I highly recommend that you watch it, especially with your family. And if you enjoy this movie, you might also enjoy Luca and Onward.