The Silent Sea

An exciting thriller series released on Netflix


Elgine Jarelle E. Arellano, Staff Writer

Netflix released a brand new series called The Silent Sea, which premiered on December 24, 2021. It is a Korean sci-fi series written and directed by Choi Hang-Yong. This show stars Gong Yoo (who played The Salesman in Squid Game), Bae Doona, Joon Lee, and Kim Sun-Young. Overall, the show is kinda scary, but at the same time it’s very thrilling. You definitely should not miss it. 

Basically, it starts off when a crew is assigned to a mission to retrieve a mysterious sample from a research facility on the moon that had been abandoned for five years prior. The crew arrives by crashing onto the moon, and they eventually retrieve the sample. They ultimately find out that the sample has huge consequences for the fate of life on earth.

Before watching this series, I definitely expected that this show would be unpredictable and scary to watch. And after watching it, my expectations were definitely met. I recommend this show, mostly because it’s very action-packed. But I do not recommend this series for children under 10 years old, unless there is parental guidance, because it contains mild language and gore visuals.  

The actors on the show are really amazing and their characters fit very well into the story. The actors disappear into their roles, especially Gong Yoo and Bae Doona. Gong, as Captain Han Yun-Jae, is perfect as the captain, helping his crew to survive, alongside Bae Donna as Doctor Song Ji-an and the supporting cast.

Every episode of the show is interesting, but the most intriguing ones are the flashbacks where we find out what happened during the incident at the station and in the characters’ lives. Each episode is laid out very well, and it keeps the audience wondering what will happen next. 

The best episode by far in the series is Episode 7 titled “Luna”, where we encounter the remaining crew, including a mysterious young girl named Luna 073. We later encounter some of the flashbacks that explain why the moon facility was abandoned and some additional background on Doctor Song’s life.

Another episode that stands out is the last episode, “The Silent Sea” where the remaining crew attempts to escape the facility. The series ends with a great sacrifice, and it brings the series to a terrific conclusion.

Overall, The Silent Sea is a fantastic series. The show is mainly thrilling and has a lot of unpredictable scenes that will surprise and delight its viewers. Anyone who is interested, and loves K-dramas and sci-fi, will enjoy this show.