Alyssa Montanez Wants You to Get Creative

Express yourself as a member of the GHS Art Club


Selin Avanesyans, Staff Writer

Alyssa Montanez is a junior at Glendale High School. She was born in Glendale, California, and she has been a GHS Nitro ever since her freshman year. Her hobbies include doing art, drawing, and singing.

Ever since she was little, Alyssa has always enjoyed art. At times in her youth, she was unsure about her artistic abilities, but she has decided to pursue art, now that she’s at GHS. She is also a part of our AP Studio Art class. “It’s any type of art and medium we want to make or use in one class,” she said. “We make art portfolios.”

The GHS Art Club is “a place where [students] could have fun and do what they love.” Alyssa wants their “creativity to flow”. At club meetings, they work on fun challenges and Bob Ross tutorials. They might also do something for the Rose Bowl Parade, but they’re not sure yet.

Alyssa likes being president of the Art Club, because she is able to interact with some truly amazing people. Her best friends are also the vice president, secretary, and treasurer of the club.

Since covid-19 occurred, it has been hard for students to interact with one another. “Last year it wasn’t the same, since it was online,” Alyssa said, “but I’m hoping this year they’ll put all their creativity into it and have fun.” She hopes that everyone can enjoy the Art Club this year. 

In the future, Alyssa plans to attend Glendale Community College, and then she wants to transfer to an art school.

If you are interested in joining the Art Club at GHS, please contact its advisor, Ms. Shiroyan, at [email protected]. You can also follow their Instagram at @ghsartc.

Get creative, Nitros!