Mr. Anderle’s Epic Comeback

After wearing many hats in our District, Mr. Anderle is a Nitro once again


Christina Arsenyan, Staff Writer

Dr. Scott Anderle, (or as he prefers to be called, Mr. Anderle) was born and raised in Santa Barbara, California. He moved to Glendale to attend Occidental College in Eagle Rock. He generally likes the Glendale and Eagle Rock area. 

Mr. Anderle started off working at a bank but expressed that he didn’t enjoy working there much. He knew that he wanted to be a football coach for students, so he began coaching.

He really enjoys surfing and even keeps a board in his classroom! He also enjoys time with his family and exercising in the gym.

Mr. Anderle has had various jobs throughout GUSD over the past 25 years he has spent working here. He previously worked at Glendale High School, Toll Middle School, and Rosemont Middle School, and he has even held a position at the District office. He mentioned that if he wasn’t a teacher, he would be a therapist since he enjoys listening to people and counseling.

Mr. Anderle’s favorite class to teach is Economics because he feels that it’s a practical class that can be useful and applied to students’ lives outside of school. He specifically enjoys working with seniors, because he appreciates the fact that they are able to hold intellectual and advanced conversation.

Mr. Anderle decided to return to GHS after hearing about Ms. Driffill’s classroom being open, due to her retirement. GHS is also his favorite school in the District. He says that one challenge he is currently facing regarding coming back to school in-person is that he has to figure out how much work to assign to students. He wants their transition from remote learning to in-person education to be as smooth as possible.  

Mr. Anderle finds it interesting to see how students’ relationships with their cell phones have evolved over the years. He wants to assist students in being actually present in the classroom, rather than being on their phones the entire time. 

One of Mr. Anderle’s favorite memories from his experience as a staff member at GHS was when he coached the track team through their victorious tournament. He wishes that he could have told himself to enjoy that moment more.

Mr. Anderle would advise the students at GHS to try their best to enjoy each day. He had really great experiences from the last time he was at our school, and he thinks that he could have appreciated them more. He is currently located in Room 4316, and teaches Econ and U.S. History. Overall, he’s happy to be back and says that “it’s a great time to be a Nitro!”