Levon Khalafyan, Staff Writer

When the first reports of the coronavirus named covid-19 hit the news back in January of 2020, people did not know what to expect and that the virus would change everyone’s life dramatically. Here we are a year into fighting the spread of this atrocious pandemic, when new variants of a new coronavirus are still being discovered.  

The new strain of the virus has been discovered by a British scientist named Dr. Scott Gottlieb, who told CBS News that California, Florida, and New York are the leading states of new cases, with California being the first with 72. Florida comes in second with 50 and New York is third with 22 cases so far.

Dr. Anthony Fauci, the director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases along with the President’s chief medical advisor, is concerned that the new version of the virus can prove to be more harmful and fatal than the original virus. 

On top of this concerning news, Governor Gavin Newsom lifted the regional stay-at-home order in California, allowing counties to gradually start the process of reopening in order to start the process of getting the economy back on its feet again.     

Even though these past few weeks have not been looking good, strictly enforced precautions have helped a lot, especially here in California, due to the fact that it has one of the worst cases among the other states. Scientists have widely credited assertive stay-at-home orders from California with stopping the spread of the coronavirus.  Whether or not existing vaccines will be successful against the variants is another area of question.

There is some suggestion that the two vaccines produced by Pfizer and Moderna, distributed in the U.S., seem to be protective against the U.K. strain, although there is a little room for a doubt in how efficient it is.

Hopefully everyone does their part in stopping the spread of the virus, because it will be very advantageous to start the healing process of both the casualties and the economic aspect of it.  After all, we all would like to go back to our normal lives again.