How Teens Can Better Communicate with Parents


Selin Avanesyans, Staff Writer

Do you have a strong relationship with your parents? 

Are you able to convey your feelings and thoughts to them?

If so, that’s great! 

If not, that’s also fine. You are not alone. Let’s get through this together!

When you were younger it was easy telling your parents everything, right? Your emotions of being happy, sad, and mad. But now it might be different. You might feel more comfortable talking to your friends instead. 

At times you might feel like your parents don’t understand you. Even though they’re your parents, you might feel hesitant to tell them some things or you might talk to your parents and they may not understand you the way you want them to. However, don’t worry! There’s a solution!

Just talk to them! Be yourself! 

Tell them, “Good morning.” Ask them, “How was your day today?” 

Then slowly start making longer conversions with them. Talk about a recent movie you watched, a funny joke you heard, anything that would help you express your thoughts to them. Help your parents solve a problem or play a game with them. I recommend that you play “Heads Up!” together! 

When you feel more comfortable with them, try having some deeper conversations. Talk about personal things. Don’t be afraid to convey your feelings. It’s okay to be nervous. Try to express your feelings through a letter, if you feel uncomfortable talking to them face-to-face. 

Just don’t bottle up your feelings! 

Keep in mind that there are some times when certain topics are uncomfortable, or maybe even unsafe, to talk about. You should always figure out where your family is at, and keep the conversation light and easy as you build up mutual trust and improve communication skills.  

In the article from the website TeensHealth, the author suggests starting the conversation in a number of different ways. You might begin by stating, “Mom, I need to tell you about a problem I’m having, but I need you to just listen, OK? Don’t give me advice — I just want you to know what’s bothering me.”

You can also say, “Dad, I need to talk to you about something — but it’s kind of embarrassing.” This is a great way to start the conversion. Just be yourself and express yourself. 

Remember to always be honest in what you say! Even if it might be embarrassing or you might feel nervous, just speak your heart out. That way, your parents will feel and see that you’re sincere. Also, it’s important to talk when the time is most convenient. 

Just remember that sometimes, even though you’ve had a successful talk with them, in the end their answer might not please you. If so, it’s okay. They are your parents and they care about you. So remember to be respectful and appreciative towards them. 

Just remember to be you! I know that we are in the time of the pandemic and it’s sometimes hard to express ourselves. However, we’re with our families, so let’s use this time and opportunity to have stronger bonds with our parents. 

Remember: you got this, so don’t lose hope!