WandaVision “Episode 3: Now in Color”

Our third in a series of reviews of every episode of WandaVision


Matthieu Amper, Staff Writer


In contrast to the last two episodes, this one, as the name strongly suggests, is now in color. We have now strayed away from the black-and-white 1960’s type of sitcoms and moved on to the bright and colorful 1970’s type. 

This particular episode begins with the new “shows” intro that is very similar to classics, such as The Brady Bunch and The Partridge Family. We see Wanda and Vision trying to hide the fact that Wanda is four months pregnant in only twelve hours, while Doctor Nielsen, played by the famous Randy Oglesby, examines her. Four months pregnant in twelve hours? Something is definitely up.

After some jokes, Vision seeks Doctor Nielsen out, and then he spots something weird. His neighbor Herb, played by David Payton, is trying to cut through the concrete fence with a chainsaw. What? Anyway, Vision goes back in and it’s revealed that Wanda’s powers are out of control due to her twelve-hour, four-month pregnancy.

Not only has her power gotten a bit out of control, but her belly seems to have gotten bigger since Vision saw the doctor out. Wanda then uses her powers to create a nursery for their child, whose name is argued to either be Billy or Tommy. 

Then Wanda starts experiencing contractions, which causes a ruckus in their house, while everyone in the neighborhood experiences a blackout.

After the whole fiasco, Vision finally realizes how much uncanny stuff has happened to them. When he asks Wanda about this, the screen suddenly cuts to a couple of seconds ago, and Vision seems to have forgotten about what has just happened. Who could’ve done this? Wanda? Or maybe some hidden villain yet to be revealed?

Everything seems to be fine when Wanda says, “I think my water just broke” and suddenly it starts raining inside their house. After a soap commercial from “Hydra Soak Luxury Bath Power,” we cut to see that the rain inside their house has finally stopped, and Geraldine comes by the house. She explains that she needs a bucket, because her ceiling pipes have broken. This whole time, Wanda is hiding her belly with a bowl of fruit and a coat that keeps on changing from her uncontrollable powers. 

Geraldine talks about her job, but Wanda is too focused on the stork that has mysteriously appeared out of nowhere. She tries to make it disappear to no avail, and it seems as if her powers aren’t properly working. Still, Wanda keeps on trying to make the stork disappear until Geraldine accidentally walks in the baby room and learns that Wanda is pregnant.

The house starts to go crazy again, because Wanda is now in labor. Vision, using his super speed, zooms in with Dr. Nielsen, while Geraldine successfully delivers Wanda’s baby. As Wanda and Vision admire their newly delivered baby, Wanda begins to scream again, and it turns out that she was carrying twins the whole time. The two agree to name the twins Billy and Tommy, who in the comics are better known as Wiccan and Speed.

Vision sees Dr. Nielsen out again, but before the doctor leaves, he says something very strange. He states that small towns are hard to “escape”. Could this be a reference to the reality in which they are living in and how it is hard to escape from it? With a confused face, Vision spots his neighbor Herb still going at it with the brick fence, but this time Agnes is with him. 

Inside the house, Wanda explains to Geraldine that, similar to her baby twins, she too was a twin. She explains that she had a brother named Pietro. Geraldine seems to come to her senses and asks, “He was killed by Ultron, wasn’t he?” (SPOILERS, GERALDINE!) Wanda immediately turns to her and asks what she just said. Geraldine pretends to have asked a different question, when Wanda asks her to leave.

We cut to what’s happening outside and we learn from Agnes and Herb that Geraldine doesn’t have a home. Herb almost spills the beans to Vision, before he is immediately stopped by Agnes with a scared and panicked face. Could this be that she is scared of Wanda and her powers?

Agnes then brushes off what just happened, with a classic sitcom remark and leaves. When Vision goes back inside the house, he finds that Geraldine is mysteriously gone, and Wanda says in an eerie tone that she had to leave.

The next scene shows a desolate location with a sign that says, “Welcome to Westview”. We see Geraldine being thrown out of the sky through some force field that resembles a TV static noise. Once she lands on the ground, a plethora of trucks and helicopters surround her as the credits roll.

This episode had a good blend of the classic MCU seriousness with the sitcom wackiness, and it got me even more excited for what’s to come. The show has finally shown the world outside the reality that Wanda and Vision are residing in, and they’ve finally introduced possibly the first mutants in the MCU.