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WandaVision “Episode 7: Breaking the Fourth Wall”

Our seventh in a series of reviews of every episode of WandaVision


It was “Agatha All Along”!

One of the biggest theories that was made since the start of the series has been confirmed. But I’ll get to that later. 

This week’s episode of WandaVision seems to have strayed away from a sitcom-type of show, with a laugh track in the background, to a show similar to Modern Family

It starts with the twins annoying Wanda so early in the morning, saying that their video game is “freaking out”. Billy also says that his head is “really noisy”. Hmmmm. Could this be Billy manifesting his telepathic powers? We’ll have to wait and see.

Wanda kicks the twins out and it’s revealed that Wanda is losing her control over the Hex, when the milk carton starts to glitch out. Wanda seems to be quite dumbfounded as to why this is happening, when it cuts to Wanda saying so in an interview-style moment.

When we jump back outside the reality to the new SWORD base, we see Hayward talking to an agent and it seems that he already has a plan on destroying Westview and beating Wanda. What will he do? We’ll have to wait and see ‘til the next episode comes around.

Meanwhile, back in WestView we see Vision healthy and alive (with the emphasis on alive! That was a close one in the last episode!) Anyway ,he wakes up to see Darcy, played by Kat Dennings all tied up in chains, and when he asks her if she remembers him, she doesn’t seem to have any clue at all. 

Back in the house, Wanda asks the twins whether or not they’ve seen their father, and they both say no. My question is, where’s Pietro? The kids ask her this, but she tells them that he cannot be trusted since he isn’t their uncle. I’m gonna guess that she either erased him from reality or kicked him out of Westview.

Agnes suddenly comes in and tells Wanda that she will take care of the twins for her so that she can take a mental-health day and enjoy herself. Once Wanda is alone, the furniture in her house starts to glitch out, further showing that her grip has slowly loosened. It cuts to her interview and she says, “I’m fine, I’m fine”, but it sounds like she’s in denial.

We move to Jimmy Woo and Monica Rambeau talking about what Darcy found out when she hacked Hayward’s plan’s and Jimmy reads about Project Cataract. We learn that this project was Hayward’s plan to turn Vision into a weapon before Wanda stole (or it would probably be better to say, rescued) his body from Hayward’s plans.

Both Jimmy and Monica stop at a secret base and the secret engineer that Monica was talking about in previous episodes doesn’t turn out to be a big thing at all. Her engineer pulls up with a huge truck that should break through Wanda’s barrier and allow Monica to go inside without being controlled by Wanda. I highly doubt that this will work, but anyway we move on.

In Westview, Vision fails to realize that Darcy can’t remember him because she is under Wanda’s control. C’mon, man! Did you forget that you used your powers to free Norm and Agnes in previous episodes? After a while of trying to convince her that they’ve met, he uses his powers to free her from Wanda’s control. Finally.

Once Vision frees her, he explains that he has received and read the email that she sent from a previous episode. They then steal a truck and run away from one of the circus members. While in the truck, Darcy gives Vision a quick recap of his life before Westview and the trauma that Wanda had to go through when she saw the man/robot that she loved be killed by her, and get brought back to life just to get killed again. Not only that, but she had to continue living life without her twin brother, whom she believes died for no reason. Man, that is tough.

Back at the house, Wanda wonders why the furniture keeps glitching out and vents to the camera. After she says this, the person behind the camera asks whether or not this was something that she deserves for enslaving everybody in Westview. With a confused look Wanda tells the person that they are “not supposed to talk.” 

After a commercial for a Nexus antidepressant, we go to Agnes’ house and while Billy is petting Señor Scratchy, he says that “Agnes is quiet on the inside”. Could this mean that Agnes just has no thoughts? Or could it be that Billy just isn’t able to read Agnes’ mind, probably due to her having special powers. Tommy asks Agnes if their mom is okay, and she reassures them saying that their mom is a “supermom”.

Monica, in what looks to be an astronaut suit, tries and fails to force her way inside the Hex . After seeing the front half of her truck be rewritten into a different truck by the forcefield, one can conclude that maybe they should try again with a better truck next time, right? Nope. For some reason Monica makes herself believe that she can go through the Hex without the truck.

Also, Monica was already informed by Darcy that going through the Hex one more time would permanently change her and could do something really dangerous to her. Personally, if I were given the choice to either stay outside with no risk of getting my body permanently rewritten, or risk having that happen just to speak with a super-powered being who isn’t mentally healthy, I think I would go with the latter. Nonetheless, she goes through the Hex with a little bit of struggle, and luckily the only thing that changes is that she has manifested the powers that Photon has in the comics.

When Monica confronts Wanda to try and reason with her, of course Wanda is furious as to why she is even back in Westview, so she tries to use her powers to slam her onto the ground. But through her newly acquired powers, Monica lands and does the classic superhero landing and is unharmed. I bet that this caused Wanda to become even more crazy, after realizing that she isn’t even able to control an outsider.

Monica tells Wanda to stop her reality, because what she is doing is proving Hayward right, but Wanda replies that maybe she is “the villain”. Technically, she isn’t wrong. Forcing innocent civilians to play a role in your “perfect” life? The only way that she wouldn’t be the villain is if she were to be mind-controlled by a certain character who has been secretly using her for their own devious purposes…

In an interview, Vision has decided that he should be getting back to his wife after he has learned about her past. He flies up and out the truck and Darcy tells him that she’ll meet him there.

Now, back to the standoff between Monica and Wanda. Agnes goes to Wanda’s side and tells Monica to back off, saying that she has overstayed her welcome as she brings Wanda to her house. Inside the house it seems to be awfully quiet, since the twins are supposedly staying at Agnes’ place. The camera cuts to Señor Scratchy and a bug, causing Wanda to ask Agnes where the two boys are. She tells her that they’re at the basement, so Wanda heads to the door that leads to the basement and calls for the boys.

Wanda goes down to the basement, and what does she find? A very dark and creepy space, that looks like the secret lair of a dark and evil witch. Agnes comes in with a rabbit and explains that Wanda isn’t the only gal in Westview with magical powers and reveals her true name, Agatha Harkness. Then BOOM, she presumably uses her powers on Wanda to mind-control her.

Then we go into a sequence that reveals what I said at the start: it was Agatha All Along! As the title suggests, Agatha really was the one pulling the strings behind the scenes, from Pietro coming back to…killing Sparky?!? That right there is unforgivable, Agatha.

Even though it was obvious to some, I liked how most theories (such as Monica getting her powers by forcing her way through the Hex and Agnes being Agatha Harkness) got confirmed. Also, this might be a bit of a stretch, but I have a feeling that the rabbit and the bug that are shown, before Wanda realizes that the twins are missing, are in fact the twins. It might sound crazy, but if Agatha has similar powers to Wanda, then it would be simple enough for her to change the twins into a animals. 

Until next time, dear readers!

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Matthieu Amper
Matthieu Amper, Staff Writer
Matthieu is a senior at Glendale High School. His hobbies include playing basketball for fun, watching shows, playing video games, and sleeping.
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