WandaVision “Episode 9: The Series Finale”

Our last in a series of reviews of every episode of WandaVision


Matthieu Amper, Staff Writer

It’s been a long, confusing, and weird ride, but we’ve finally made it: the last episode of WandaVision!

Can’t believe we went from watching a superpowered couple trying their best to fit in in a 50s themed sitcom, to wondering about which ship is the true ship of Theseus. If you would’ve informed me that this was how the series would end, I probably would’ve believed you. I came into this series expecting weird things to happen, anyway.

The last episode is titled “The Series Finale”. This makes sense, but if it were me, I would’ve titled it something like “The Battle of the Two Heroes Against Two Villains Who Aren’t Associated with Each Other; Oh, and They Have Similar-If-Not-the-Exact-Same Powers as the Heroes”. Something like that. 

We begin where we left off last episode: Agnes taking Wanda’s children hostage. Wanda, now able to use her powers, blasts Agatha without knowing that that is exactly what she wants Wanda to do. As we see Wanda’s hand slowly turn to black, Agatha explains that stealing powers from people undeserving of them is “kinda [her] thing”. Then using her powers, Wanda throws a car at Agatha, launching her and the car towards a window. This is supposed to be a reference to The Wizard of Oz, but I have never watched it, so I don’t get it.

White Vision, or Wision, comes down from the sky, and Wanda questions if it really is Vision. Wision then puts both of his hands on her face in a way that may seem endearing at first. But oh no, he starts trying to crush her head with his bare, robotic hands. Why didn’t she use her powers here to release his grip? I don’t know. Maybe he was just too strong, or maybe she just didn’t think of it.

Then Prince Charming shows up just in the nick of time to get Wision off of his beloved wife, who is technically also his creator. Agatha points out the classic “your-ex-and-your-current-lover-are-at-the-same-place” trope as we go back to SWORD.

Jimmy Woo is arguing with Howard, saying that help will be coming in about an hour. Jimmy–without anybody noticing–steals a phone right in front of Howard. I guess the plot just made everybody blind in this scene.

They throw Jimmy inot a self-made prison cell–which is basically just a barn–and he uses a pin to easily unlock his handcuffs. Now, I don’t mean to nitpick, buuuut if the handcuffs that SWORD is using can be opened that easily… You know what. Never mind. After Jimmy Woo removes his government-agency handcuffs, then he calls for help and asks if they can get there “within the hour.”

Then the ex and the husband go at it, and they’re pretty much at a stalemate because they both have the same powers and all, and Agatha releases everyone from Wanda’s control. Everybody surrounds Wanda, begging for her to release them or just kill them, because dying would probably be better than being controlled by a grieving, emotionally unstable, superpowered being.

Wanda, in complete distress, stops everyone from overwhelming her by choking everyone. After almost choking everyone to death, I guess she decides that she doesn’t want to be the bad guy and she decides to open up The Hex. Everyone is finally allowed to escape, but Howard and his men are also let in.

While all of this is happening, Billy actually has a vision of this and tells his brother that they need to go help their mom. But before we get to what’s happening with Wanda, let’s go see what happened to the Fake Pietro. 

We see that Monica is being kept inside Fake Pietro’s “man cave”, and he isn’t allowing her to go outside. But while Monica is looking around the room, she finds a paper with Fake Pietro’s face and a name that refers to him as “Ralph Bohner”. Using her newly acquired powers, Monica figures out that Agatha is controlling Pietro through the necklace he is wearing. She quickly rips off the necklace and BOOM: a character that many people were speculating about turned out to be just another civilian that got caught in Wanda’s story. 

Meanwhile, while Wanda is opening up The Hex, she sees her twins and her husband slowly disintegrating, and she quickly realizes that her family is tied to this fake reality. She decides to reclose The Hex in order to save her family.

After this reunion, they are all surrounded by SWORD agents, Agatha, and Wision. Then they all do something that I call the “Family with SuperPowers Pose” or the FSPP, in a clear reference to The Incredibles. Vision then flies off to take on Wision, Wanda battles Agatha, and the twins handle the SWORD agents.

Wanda tries to attack Agatha with her own memories, but this plan backfires. Instead of the dead witches taking revenge on their killer, they decide to attack the “Scarlet Witch”, because Wanda’s immense power is too dangerous. But because of this immense power, Wanda escapes the hold that the dead witches have on her, and she decides to give her power to Agatha, who promises that she can fix everything.

Vision uses his computer brain and makes Wision question himself. Who is the real Vision? Is it the one that cares for his family and the human race but was made entirely out of nothing? Or is it the Vision with the original body and memories but who acts according to his programming? Once Wision’s memories are unlocked, he flies away and is nowhere to be seen for the rest of the episode.

Later, as Wanda is shooting her powers onto Agatha, once in a while she misses her target. One could assume that Wanda’s aim is getting worse and worse the more power that she gives to Agatha. But surprise! She is actually using Agatha’s own tricks against her! It’s revealed that Wanda is missing on purpose, in order to cast the same runes that Agatha used in the basement.

I now retract my previous statement: this episode should’ve been titled “Battle of the Wits”, seeing as both Vision and Wanda win their fights not with strength alone, but with their brains.

Don’t forget about the twins! While all of this is happening, the the boys are having their own fight. Billy uses his powers to stop the SWORD agents from moving, and then Tommy, with his super speed, disarms everyone. While the two are celebrating their little victory against the agents, did you forget about Howard? He pulls out his gun and shoots the two kids. KIDS! That’s all types of low, Howard.

Anyway, the boys get lucky this time because Monica sees all of this happening and she gets in the way of the bullets. Because of her powers, Monica isn’t killed, but instead the bullets literally go through her slowly, saving the twins.

Wanda, who officially has her costume and a new title, comes down from the sky with Agatha to reunite with her family again, and she forces Agatha to forever be the “nosy neighbor”, before saying that Wanda may need her later.

The family goes back to their home after a really busy day, and we see Wanda and Vision tucking in the twins. Before leaving them to sleep Wanda thanks them “for choosing me to be your mom”. Ouch. Right in the feels. 

In the living room, Vision turns on the lamp that Wanda just turned off in order to see her more clearly, probably for the last time. This is definitely the highlight of the episode: the birth of ViShawn. From outside the window you can see that the boundary of The Hex is coming closer to the house, while Wanda and Vision say their goodbyes.

Vision tells Wanda that he has been a “voice with no body, a body but not human, and now a memory made real.” At this point, my eyes are watering because of this emotional moment, and if it weren’t for ViShawn, this could’ve been the highlight of the episode. When The Hex finally arrives, Vision is disintegrating, but before he goes he makes sure to get the last line by saying, “So long, Darling.” 

Now we’re back to reality. Wanda’s family and her house are gone. Wanda walks through Westview with eyes all around her, and Monica explains that she would’ve done the same thing in her place, and that nobody around her knows how much she had to sacrifice. I mean, technically speaking, she didn’t really sacrifice anything, since what she “sacrificed” wasn’t real to begin with. Anyway, Wanda flies out to live on her own, and to learn more about magic, and to set up the movie Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness.

In the mid-credits scene, a cop who turns out to be a Skrull (an alien race that has the ability to shape shift) tells Monica that he (probably Nick Fury) would like to meet her. The Skrull points upward, indicating that Monica will be going to space. (Is this the setup for Captain Marvel 2?)

Well, dear readers, that seems to be the end for WandaVision. Will the show get picked up for a Season 2? I highly doubt it, considering that the director (Wanda) probably doesn’t wanna go through that whole ordeal again.

Ultimately, the show ended in a really great spot, and I can’t wait to see what happens in the new Doctor Strange movie. There’s a chance that we might get to see a battle between the Sorcerer Supreme and the Scarlet Witch, or we could just see the two of them buddy-up to defeat the main villain.

Additionally, many people, including myself, believed that Doctor Strange was going to make a cameo in the show to set up what’s going to happen in the future. Sadly, there wasn’t one, but I was satisfied with the addition of my boy ViShawn.

Stay tuned for our upcoming reviews of The Falcon and the Winter Soldier! Until then, stay safe, Nitros!