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The Top Ten Nickelodeon Shows of the Decade


Some of the best TV shows of the 2010’s appeared on Nickelodeon. Some of the shows are cartoons, but there are others, like iCarly and Drake & Josh that are not animated shows. All the shows listed below are all the very best that Nickelodeon has to offer, and they should be watched by everyone because they are all amusing.

1. Danny Phantom is a teenage boy who lives with both of his parents and his sister. Danny pretends to attend Casper High School with his friends Sam Manson and Tucker Foley. In the episode “Memory Blank” Danny explores his parents’ laboratory with his two best friends. Danny accidentally activates the newly-built Phantom Ghost portal from the inside, causing him to turn into a ghost.

2. Spongebob Squarepants is a yellow square sponge “who lives in a pineapple under the sea” with his pet snail Gary, in a town called Bikini Bottom. Spongebob also has two neighbors named Patrick and Squidward. Spongebob has a job where he works with Squidward at the Krusty Krab.

3. Rugrats is a show about a group of little kids. It shows us the world from the children’s point of view and how it’s so mysterious and intriguing. But the children always find a way to have fun and turn bad things into good, like the scary monster Reptar.

4. iCarly is a show aimed towards teenage viewers about the life of a girl named Carly Shay. Carly has the show with her friends Sam and Freddie and her brother Spencer, and occasionally one of their friends Gibby. Their shows are always interesting, with Sam and Carly being the main hosts and Fred being behind the camera with the occasional Spencer and Gibby coming into the videos. One of the best videos is the one in which they had Spencer making spaghetti tacos.

5. Hey Arnold is a TV show about a boy in 4th grade and how he explores the world with his friends. Most of the time, he hangs out with his best friend Gerald Johanssen, whose friendship goes all the way back to preschool. He mainly hangs out with Gerald and they talk about school and play around next to Arnold’s house, where he lives with his grandparents.

6. Drake & Josh is a TV show about two teenage boys who become step-brothers and have to cope with each other under the same roof. Drake and Josh are polar opposites by a lot, but they learn to get along sometimes. There’s always something going on between the two of them on the show.

7. Back at the Barnyard is a show on what farm animals do when people aren’t watching. Otis, the barnyard leader, can’t help but have fun while he’s in charge. Otis has several friends on the farm who help him scheme and plan on something to do to the owner of the farm.

8. On Fairly OddParents, Timmy Turner’s a 10-year-old boy with tooth fairy  godparents whose names are Cosmo and Wanda. His mom and dad have hired a babysitter for him, whose name was Vicky. She does not like Timmy at all and she will be mean to him and do stuff that is wrong. So Timmy uses his fairy godparents to help him, but sometimes he will wish for stuff that does not help. Timmy also goes to a school called Dimmsdale Elementary, where his teacher Mr. Crocker will always accuse him of having fairy godparents, but Timmy will always deny it.

9. Six-year-old Franklin the turtle faces life’s challenges together with his friends, in an animated series based off of a book series. Franklin and his friend Bear go to Oakwood School, where Mystery Owl teaches everyone. Franklin and Bear will mainly play soccer with all their friends at school, such as Snail, Beaver, Rabbit, Squirrel, and Fox.

10. CatDog is an animated show about conjoined siblings, one a dog and the other a cat. They deal with the unique challenges of their existence. Cat is the more clever of the two and frequently has a plan or scheme in the works, and more than often his plans work.

Despite some of these shows not catching your interest, they are all still very fun shows to watch for yourself or someone at home. These shows all have many episodes to watch, but they are all very interesting.

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Michael Faria
Michael Faria, Staff Writer
Michael is a junior at Glendale High School. He plays for the GHS lacrosse team and is a member of the Construction Academy. He likes playing video games, hanging out with friends, working out, and playing sports.
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