Always a Nitro: Mr. Mardirosian

Our first in a series on GHS staff members who also attended our school


Michael Faria, Staff Writer

Mr. Tadeh Mardirosian is a math teacher at Glendale High School and the girls varsity basketball coach. He is also the Athletic Director for GHS and has been teaching here since 2006.

Mr. Mardirosian is also a former student and graduate of our school. He was born in Tehran, Iran, and he attended GHS from 1995 to 1999. He was a member of the first freshman class at our school, because before then, students did not come to GHS until the tenth grade. They also built the 4000 Building to accommodate all of these new freshmen.

While at Glendale High School, Mr. Mardirosian joined the basketball team and the Kiwanis Club. After graduation, he went to Glendale Community College for one year and then transferred to Cal State University, Northridge. 

Mr. Mardirosian came back to GHS to coach the Soph/Frosh basketball team. Then one day, he decided to stay at our school, and earn his credential to teach math, as well as coach. 

The biggest change Mr. Mardirosian sees at GHS now, as opposed to when he attended our school, is that we have had more buildings added to our campus. He also marvels at all the new technology and the new swimming facility coming soon. He sees our athletics program becoming more successful in the future and the athletic facilities are being improved overall.

Mr. Mardirosian hopes to see the athletic side of GHS continue to thrive and progress with a positive attitude towards the future. He would also like to see other improvements that might happen in the future for GHS Athletics.