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The Path to Recovery

Our staff writer interviews the clients and employees at his family’s detox facility
The Path to Recovery

Do you know a family member or friend who has an addiction? Well, there is help out there. 

On June 25th, my family opened up Soul Detox and Recovery in North Hollywood, California. Since then, we knew that it is our passion to help anyone with any type of addiction. Before we opened, I had no idea what a detox facility was, but now I know almost every similar facility in the Valley, in Glendale and in Burbank. 

I wanted to interview two of our current patients who will stay anonymous, and I first wanted to see why they had chosen our detox facility. Our first client said, “I thought it was a different type of detox facility and that’s exactly what it was and what I needed. I also didn’t see your facility as a dollar sign and a place where I feel like I have a family.”

Our second client stated, “I was referred from a sober-living manager and I had two choices. Obviously I chose the correct one, because right away I got a call from you guys and just by the tone of the voice on the call I knew this was the place for me.” 

I next asked our clients  how long they have been sober with us now and what does this accomplishment mean to them Our first client responded, “I’ve been sober now for 35 days and that’s the longest I’ve ever been sober. And this means my biggest accomplishment is this right here, because this is where my second sober life begins.”

Our second client has also been sober for 35 days, and he feels that “this accomplishment means that I’m not a failure and now I can grow like a man and have an amazing sober healthy life.” 

When asked about their future goals, they replied that they wanted to work “to remain sober and get an apartment with my friend” and to focus “on my rap career and improve my relationships with my friends and family.”

I also interviewed our Director of Nursing, Nurse Magana, who has been a nurse for 25 years. She said that the reason she chose to work at our facility is because her “best friend wanted to help people and I was totally on board.” She also said that working here has taught her that she “didn’t realize how blessed I was and am.”

 Nurse Magana’s favorite aspect of our facility is the “diversity of residents we receive and changing their perspective of life.” She also said that people who struggle with addiction should take their recovery  “one day at a time”, because “every day gets better.” 

Finally, I wanted to interview Ms. Jackie Chorbajian, the CEO and owner of Soul Detox and Recovery. She decided to open this facility, because her “passion all my life has been to take care of people.” She said, “Working in health care for 20 years in the corporate world was an amazing experience, but I just wanted more. So I decided I wanted to be a business owner.” She also shared that “having two boys made me realize that I want them to see how bad the outside world can get,so I decided what better way to put my passion and the safety of my kids together, and that’s how Soul Detox and Recovery was born.” 

 Ms. Chorbajian has learned “that there is a second chance for everyone and I’m a part of that change.” She said that the biggest responsibilities of her job include people “coming in with their addictions, comforting them, showing them tender love and care, having them experience what having a family is like and the importance of life itself and how amazing being sober is.”

If you know someone who has a substance addiction, please let them know that there is help. There is nothing to be ashamed of in your addiction. And one thing that I know for a fact is that when people are at a detox facility, all their information never goes outside those walls.

About the Contributor
Andre Asatourian
Andre Asatourian, Staff Writer
Andre is a junior at Glendale High School. He is a member of the Glendale High Football team. He really enjoys cooking and going out with his homies to the Americana.
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