Ms. Hill Is Here to Help

Ms. Hill Is Here to Help

Andre Asatourian, Staff Writer

Ms. Diana Hill is currently the data clerk at Glendale High School. She was born in Los Angeles, California and currently lives in Temple City. She loves listening to music, like soft rock and the 80’s. Ms. Hill’s hobbies include Zumba and walking her three dogs. She enjoys these activities, because they include exercise and dancing at the same time.

Ms. Hill went to El Monte High School in California, which is only about 30 minutes from Glendale High School. Her favorite subjects in school were dance and English because her teachers were very inspirational. The only thing Ms. Hill wishes she could change about those years is being more involved in clubs and activities.

Ms. Hill has been working with kids since 1999. Before working in education, Ms. Hill was a doctor’s office medical assistant, where she would help the doctor with drawing blood, checkups, and paperwork. 

Then, Ms. Hill chose to move from our District office to a high school, because she “really [missed] being around kids and I miss the environment.” Since covid-19 has affected our community and school, Ms. Hill says that the campus is now very lonely and quiet, because everyone is distant.

Ms. Hill came to GHS knowing she had big shoes to fill. In April of 2019, our previous data clerk of over 30 years, Mrs. Sandra Mungia, sadly passed away. Glendale High needed a person to take over and do an amazing job, just like Mrs. Mungia had done. Ms. Hill recognizes the impact that Mrs. Mungia had on our campus, and she will continue to show the same dedication to our students and staff.

When asked about what she would like to change about GHS, Ms. Hill said she would “try to take initiative and be more vocal and be proactive.” She wants to “have a teamwork-type attitude and hopefully change the whole culture of school.” 

Ms. Hill also added that at her high school they had two lunches, which we don’t have, but she believes that holding off-campus lunches, if the campus is clean, is an amazing idea. 

Ultimately, Ms. Hill hopes that in the future, “everyone is treated equally and everyone has equal opportunity.” We are very lucky to have Ms. Hill, and she is a true gift to our school.