Natalie Glezen Has Her Mindset on Her Community


Lizbeth Ochoa, Staff Writer

Natalie Glezen is a productive senior who founded the Debate Club earlier this year. In addition to that, she is also the proud president of the Global Mindset Group (GMG). Natalie was also in charge of hosting last year’s Pat Navolanic Memorial Award video for the Class of 2020. 

Natalie feels that the debate club is “a place where students get comfortable learning about debate with their perspectives.” The Global Mindset Group takes time to find volunteer opportunities in the community. 

Natalie is a very ambitious young woman. Aside from the Debate Team and GMG, Natalie has been a part of many other groups. She has been a member of Future Doctors of America for one year and Student Class Council for two years. 

“People have and want voices,” Natalie said. “Every person I’ve had a debate with, who was in a debate club, like my uncle…they’ve just floored me.” Her purpose as president of the Debate Club is to help students in getting their word out, efficiently and intelligently. 

She hopes to find a group of dedicated students who are interested and want to compete in the next academic year. However, she is upset that she won’t be able to see these competitions herself, since this will be her last year. 

GMG members take time to look for volunteer opportunities within their neighborhood. Two examples would be tutoring younger students at Horace Mann Elementary School and competing in donation drives. Due to the pandemic, GMG members will try their best to tutor middle school students in Southern California in an online setting. 

GMG helps lead the community to a better place, and it helps students to get more involved in their community. It gives students many great opportunities for community service and people skills. Whereas, the Debate Club helps with public speaking, resourcing, and being more informed about important issues overall. “Every school should have a debate club,” Natalie said.

Being a leader isn’t easy, and being a busy leader is even more difficult. Natalie is scared of losing the enthusiasm of her members because of the pandemic. “Consistency is difficult,” she said, worried that people would get bored or leave after not seeing quick results or change. “It’s my job as president of both clubs to make resources for the club members so they don’t feel they are alone.” 

Natalie is and will continue to work hard for her clubs. She’d like to make it known that they are always accepting members. If you are interested in joining the Debate Club, please contact club advisor, Mr. O’Malley, at [email protected], or if Global Mindset Group sounds like a good opportunity for you, please email Mrs. Keefer at [email protected].