Nairi Ghazarian Is Hungry to Help Those in Need


Rafayel Hovhannisyan, Staff Writer

Nairi Ghazarian, a senior at Glendale High School, has taken the role of president for Hunger Heroes Club. Hunger Heroes is a club that deals with providing supplies to the homeless and volunteering at homeless shelters and soup kitchens.

Nairi has been an active member of the club since freshman year and enjoys the yearly Round Ups. 

Besides Hunger Heroes, Nairi also serves as your ASB Vice President and she is the manager of the golf team.

Outside of school, Nairi is a member of the Armenian Youth Foundation (AYF) and enjoys playing tennis. She plans to major in biology in college after graduation.

Nairi stated that she joined Hunger Heroes “when I learned that Ms. Macaulay was the creator of the club.” She said, “I’ve never had her as a teacher, but I heard so many positive things about her and the footprint she left on the school.”

Nairi also enjoys the annual Round Up event at GHS, because she gets to make Oreo puddings, which is a recipe created by her boyfriend’s mother. These puddings have become a tradition during Round Up and “they always sell out.”

As for her club this year, Nairi explains that so far they have planned some Zoom meetings to discuss shifts and hours for volunteering at the shelters, and educational presentations are going to also happen in the future. She also said that volunteering at homeless shelters is still going to happen, but only, of course, with precautions due to COVID-19. 

If you are 16 or older, then you can sign up and go help, but if you are under the age of 16, then a chaperone will be needed to accompany you.

If you are interested in joining Hunger Heroes Club at GHS, you can contact their advisor, Mrs. Keefer, at [email protected]. Your community needs your help!