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A Series of Unconstitutional Events

Source: shealah_craighead

To our misfortune, Ruth Bader Ginsburg, a female Supreme Court Justice, has passed on. The search for a new nominee ended on September 26, and President Trump has introduced his nominee as Amy Coney Barrett. To the Trump Administration, Berrett is the perfect candidate for a replacement justice, but some people feel differently. They feel because she is publicly opposed to the liberal ideology, she might be a biased justice and an opposite to Ruth Bader Ginsburg, a feminist in her time. However, once you look past those issues, Berrett is a qualified justice for the Supreme Court, but this is not the right time for her to be confirmed.

President Donald Trump wants to elect a justice as fast as possible before the election so that the “scam” he claims the Democrats are pulling will be avoided, according to an article by Niels Lesniewski. Having eight justices would be seen as an issue coming so close into the election. Because Barrett’s views are  conservative, voting a justice so close to election is a contradiction and only benefits Trump. 

Barrett’s conservative views have been only more measured due to her nomination to the Supreme Court, causing her to seem extremely proper and lacking chemistry according to CNN. As chaotic as the presidency may be right now with Trump getting the coronavirus, the debates, and losing a justice, Amy Coney Barrett is not the best option to become a justice so close to the election. 

The nomination of Barrett will only raise awareness for liberals to vote for Biden and emphasize the importance of a vote. The only liberal female justice on the court is now going to be replaced by a conservative female. I believe that the influence of more conservative ideals among the justice court can cause a bias. 

Trump wants the new justice to decide the election which is only benefitting him, as well as adding a new justice so close to the presidential elections. I think this is not the best choice and it should wait until after the election. 

Overall, Amy Coney Barrett might not be the justice we wanted, but in the end we need nine justices. However, this can all wait until after the election, since Trump wants a justice to choose in the election. 

Lives and people’s rights are being put at risk due to conservative debates, but this should not be happening over people’s rights. Amy Coney Barrett will not make a good justice, even though she is qualified, and she should not be elected to the court. 

Communities need to stand and vote and speak for the future that we all want. It is important to vote, since the youth are rapidly becoming eligible to vote, and they need to stay educated on their country and its people. Please register to vote HERE if you are over 18!

Vote as if your life depends on it!

About the Contributor
Jonathan Diaz, Staff Writer
Jonathan is a junior at Glendale High School. He is a part of GUSD SCABL (Glendale Unified School District Student Coalition Advocating for Black Lives). He enjoys photography, literature, learning about cultures, and art.
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