Once in a Spooky Blue Moon


The blue moon will show up this Halloween night!

Jonathan Diaz, Staff Writer

The term “once in a blue moon” might just make your night a bit more interesting this Halloween. The Americas are about to witness a blue moon this October but not just any blue moon, a full blue moon on Halloween night. The last blue moon to appear to us was back in March of 2018, but the last full moon to appear to ALL the time zones was back in 1944. Unlike last March, this full blue moon will be visible to every time zone this year. 

Many people’s take on this phenomenon is to take advantage of it and if you’re into astrology like myself, you might just get a change of heart that night. You might be wondering why it is a blue moon, and that’s because it is the second full moon in the same month, or when there are four full moons in a season. 

Most likely it will not be a literal blue moon but due to the hue of the night clouds in the sky it might look blue. Ironically, the famous phrase has nothing to do with the color.

On past blue moons, it is believed that it is when volcanoes erupt and this year’s seasonal moon only appears every 2.5 years. Many people hold their superstitions about blue moons, especially because of the three spectacular moon cycles this month of October. 

Who knows, maybe something will happen. 

After all, it is 2020.