iPhone iOS 14


Edgar Torabyan, Staff Writer

iOS 14, the latest mobile operating system update for the Apple iPhone, has been around for a month now, and if your phone is capable of running it, then chances are you’ve already installed it. However, this one is not like the previous updates. iOS 14 is actually amazing, cute, and fun.

With this update, Apple has given users more privacy and control over their phones. The most noticeable change is the home screen aesthetics. People can now take their time and customize their home screen to make it look better. This is good for people who want to be more creative and productive with their home screen. And people have begun to share their home screen designs on social media.

Another major change is the privacy enhancements. iOS 14 has made it harder for companies to steal your data. This may be the end for data farming by companies like Google and Facebook. While other big companies are trying to steal your data, Apple is trying to protect it, which is encouraging. This is especially good for people who are paranoid about their privacy and security.

Another noticeable change is the addition of the App Library. Some people have too many apps on their home screens, to the point where it takes them a few seconds to find the app they need. The App Library makes your life way easier, by packing all of your apps in one place, making it easier to access them. This is great for people who have disorganized home screens or too many apps.

There are also some other good minor changes. One change is the removal of full screen calls. New calls are now minimized to the top of the screen, which lets you finish whatever you’re doing before picking up. Other changes include the new Translate app, Picture in Picture mode, and an electric vehicle routing option in Maps.

Overall, iOS 14 gives users more privacy and control over their phones. You should totally update your iPhone if you haven’t done so already. It’s totally worth it and you’ll love it. Plus, it’s free!