• October 6Breaking news: ASB is not a cult. You're just not allowed to leave ASB once you join.
  • October 6Breaking news: Mr. Martinez is unbreakable. Half of his body is composed of metal.
  • October 6Breaking news: Mr. Gebeshian is actually that nice in real life.
  • October 6Breaking news: Ms. Clark-Reed is at Chipotle right now.
  • October 6Breaking news: Ms. Bedrousi is STILL a student at GHS.
  • October 3Breaking news: Ms. Caddell has mad dancing skills.
  • October 3Breaking news: Mr. O'Malley now has a full head of hair! (jk, he's still bald.)
  • September 24Breaking news: Our principal is not actually a wolf.
  • September 17Breaking news: Mr. Kirkwood and Mr. Benkovich are the same person!

The 2020 Homecoming Court Is Happening!

The 2020 Homecoming Court Is Happening!

Davit Arakelian, Staff Writer

October 9, 2020

UPDATED: The window for turning in an application for Homecoming Court has been extended to Tuesday, October 13th! Diana Arakelian is Director of Activities for GHS, and she is primarily in charge of one of the largest events at Glendale High School, the Homecoming Court. This year, she and the Hom...

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