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Caitlyn Hanzal Puts Her Trust in God

FCA President is here to spread the Word!

Caitlyn Hanzal is a 17-year-old senior at Glendale High School, who was born in Los Angeles, and she is the current president of the Fellowship of Christian Athletes Club, or FCA. She was also a member of our CIF State Champion GHS girls varsity volleyball team, and she has been part of the symphonic orchestra for three years now. If that wasn’t enough, Caitlyn is serving as secretary for both the Chemistry Club and the California Scholarship Federation Club here at GHS. 

In Caitlyn’s free time, she loves playing instruments, like the keyboard and the violin. In her down time, she enjoys watching her favorite shows, and she’s currently watching Arrow. Caitlyn also volunteers at Glendale Memorial Hospital

Caitlyn learned about FCA through her brother, Christopher, who graduated from GHS three years ago. “My brother introduced me to the club when I was a freshman, and he was a senior and the president,” she stated. “And that’s pretty much what got me involved with it.”

Caitlyn was the secretary of FCA during her sophomore and junior years, and she became the president this school year. She didn’t want the club to disappear after the previous president, Gabby Arreglo, graduated last year. Caitlyn believes that it’s very important for people to know about God, how He can help people deal with any problems, and that no one is truly alone. 

The purpose of the FCA Club is to introduce people to God and to help develop a fellowship on our campus. During club meetings, they have Bible studies, where members share stories from the Bible, to get the message out there on how God loves everyone

Caitlyn Hanzal (center in Champion sweatshirt) and her FCA members and guest speakers

The club also holds huddles, where most people tend to join. During these special meetings, they bring in food, play games, and have a guest speaker who talks about their testimony and how they came to know God. 

Caitlyn believes that a person doesn’t need to be an athlete or a Christian, to join the Fellowship of Christian Athletes. She said, “People who are trying to find friends and a purpose in their lives…will probably really enjoy this club, because it gives you a sense of hope in your life.” 

During Round Up in September, Caitlyn and her club members decided to sell ice cream sandwiches, but they faced a difficulty with the fact that they were put in the back of the quad. They were also worried about how the weather would be. But in the end, the club sold a ton of sandwiches, and they made a good amount of profit. 

Caitlyn can feel very overwhelmed when having to manage school, sports, and clubs. She is also taking all AP classes this year, and volleyball could get tiring since they had long daily practices. 

To keep her priorities straight, Caitlyn would get her homework done after practice, but she did struggle with her sleep schedule. What really helps Caitlyn from feeling overwhelmed is praying, which helps her to keep her stress down. 

As much as being club president has its positive side, Caitlyn still struggles with all the planning she has to do in this role. “With the fact not everyone is accepting of Christianity…it’s hard getting club members to attend the huddles,” she admitted. “It’s hard to direct people during leadership meetings, which is where we plan for…food and activities.” Not only that, but Caitlyn says that finding guest speakers can be challenging. 

After Caitlyn graduates, she wants the club to continue to grow and excel. She hopes that more people will get to learn about who God is and how God loves everyone, despite what they might have done in the past. 

After high school, Caitlyn wants to go to a four-year university, where she plans on majoring in biomedical engineering, which is the science of creating devices for health problems. The healthcare field is very important to Caitlyn, as she has dealt with health problems in the past. 

Make sure you check out the FCA Club here at GHS by following their Instagram: @ghsfca24, or you can join their Remind: @ghsfca2324. You can also contact their advisor, Mr. Hezhu Gao, at [email protected].

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Mariam Albanaa, Staff Writer
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