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The News Website for Glendale High School


Aliens for President 2024

Aliens are taking over the Earth. So how come nobody cares?
Although this little guy is adorable, real-life aliens will probably melt your face off.

Aliens are real. 

I believe they’re real without a doubt. 

There have been so many confirmed sources and sightings. Earth is a small rock compared to the rest of space, but there’s no way that there is no extraterrestrial life beyond our solar system. So it’s confusing that people don’t seem to care that aliens are real. 

Documentaries have proven it. Conspiracy theorists have asserted it. And even Bob Lazar has confirmed it.

Bob Lazar and his hand scanner device

Lazar is probably the most important source when it comes to Area 51 and alien lifeforms. In November of 1989, Bob Lazar was interviewed by television journalist, George Knapp. At first Lazar spoke only in silhouette, but he soon came forward with his real identity.

Lazar claimed to have seen nine otherworldly spacecrafts when he was hired at Area 51 as a reverse engineer. For context, reverse engineering is the process of disassembling an object (in this case a spacecraft) to better understand its functions, with the hope of replicating it in the future. 

In the coming years, Lazar would face criminal charges, after being accused of spreading false information about aliens and UFO’s. After he eventually beat the criminal charges, he appeared on several podcasts and created his own documentaries to talk about his experiences. 

But is Bob Lazar telling the truth? Possibly. 

Many people believe his stories are a ¨hoax¨. But why would he lie? He has no reason to lie and has gained nothing by coming forward. So personally, I believe him. 

According to NBC News, a hearing was held by the House Oversight subcommittee on the National Security, Border, and Foreign Affairs. This hearing was about “unidentified anomalous phenomena” or UAPs, and if they are linked to UFOs. Although the Defense Department has said that there was no evidence linking UAPs to UFOs, people on social media have taken the hearing as confirmation that aliens do in fact exist. 

But do most people care about this? No, they don’t.

The main reason why they don’t care is because the thought of aliens being real has been normalized a lot. Furthermore, people feel that life on our planet is way too stressful, to be worrying about extraterrestrial life outside of our planet. Some people want aliens to abduct them so that they can leave Earth, while others don’t care if aliens are real unless they fix gas prices and lower rental prices in California.

Overall, I’m sure that the aliens that are observing us are all getting a good laugh out of the silly jokes people have made about them. But when they finally do invade the Earth, nobody had better come crying to me.

Don’t say that you haven’t been warned.

About the Contributor
Hailey Shannon, Staff Writer
Hailey is a sophomore at Glendale High School, and she is a staff writer for the Journalism program. She enjoys watching movies and spending time with her friends and sisters.
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