Vickie Nguyen Makes Club Rush a Virtual Success


Arline Daniali, Staff Writer

As all things in the year of COVID-19, Club Rush has turned digital in 2020. Glendale High senior and ASB Director of Clubs, Vickie Nguyen, had the challenge of planning to make sure that clubs get their members, and that students find their clubs. 

Each club cabinet sent in a video or presentation highlighting their clubs and activities. With that, Vickie and ASB Director, Jon Livingston, worked together to link these presentations into one place. Originally, Mr. Livingston had created a Google Doc to showcase the links, but Vickie found it to be “really boring.” She then used the school colors to make a Google Slides presentation

Throughout the week of September 14th to the 18th, students logged on and sent in their picks for clubs to join through a Google Form, created by GHS assistant principal and ASB liaison, Charlotte Sassounian. Vickie found it to be “as much of a success as a digital Club Rush could be,” as over a thousand students viewed the Slides presentation, and over a third of those students filled out the Google Form. Vickie felt fulfilled when she would sign onto the presentation and notice numerous students on the Google Slides at the same time. 

Vickie ran for Director of Clubs back in February, before distanced learning began. As the new school year approached, Vickie was excited to plan for Round Up and Club Rush. With plans up in the air, Vickie hopes to get back to school to be able to plan more on-campus club activities. 

Clubs are now open and will continue to welcome new members throughout the year! If you are interested in joining a club or creating your own, contact Mr. Livingston at [email protected] for more information.