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WandaVision “Episode 6: All-New Halloween Spooktacular”

Our sixth in a series of reviews of every episode of WandaVision


New week.

New episode of WandaVision.

New loss of brain cells. 

“Episode 6” begins with an upbeat opening based on the 2000’s sitcom Malcolm in the Middle. Each character is introduced, but it is only Pietro Maximoff playing “himself.” It is also important to note this episode was supposed to be based on the 90’s, but it is clearly not. This, along with other details, unravels the idea of Wanda losing grip of her reality and time, mixing up the time periods that she’s recreating. 

Wanda and Vision meet with the kids and Pietro in their classic comic book outfits, but are said to be a “Sokovian fortune teller” and a “Mexican wrestler.” Tommy and Pietro zoom away, coming back dressed in the classic Quicksilver costume. Also, a quick note: the flashback scene from Wanda and Pietro’s childhood shows them dressed as Black Widow and Nick Fury

SWORD is still present, with Monica Rambeau angry at Tyler Hayward, and rightfully so, for the harm they have done against Wanda. Hayward is annoyed and expels Monica, Darcy, and Jimmy Woo. Monica and Jimmy fight their way out of their holds and form a plan to secretly get what they need. They learn that Hayward is tracking Vision, but why? 

Monica plans to go back into the Hex, but Darcy warns her how the Hex has caused changes to her body on a molecular level. Is Monica going to be a mutant with powers? Does that mean everyone in town is one as well? Questions! 

We then go back to the trick-or-treat streets of Westview, where Wanda questions Pietro’s knowledge of their childhood. But Pietro goes off to cause mayhem with the boys, and Wanda learns Vision isn’t really on duty.

When we finally catch up with Vision, he is on the other side of town. Where Wanda stands, there’s excitement, chaos, and everything fun. But Vision is surrounded by people standing still, and one woman is even shedding a tear. It is clear that Wanda (or whoever is controlling this) is unable to control EVERY part of town, so the boundaries have less magic to cover up.

At the edge of town, Vision speaks to the townspeople but gains no response. He finds Agnes, dressed as a witch, driving at the end of the street. Now people can believe what they want, but it is clear to me that Agnes is putting on an act to seem innocent. How come other townspeople can’t talk but she can? She’s dressed as a witch as all the other main characters are dressed as their true identities. This seems suspicious to me… 

Quick commercial break! This time we see an ad for Yo-Magic Yogurt, with a boy slowly decomposing because he is unable to open his yogurt. Is this a parallel for Vision, unable to live without the fake reality Wanda has created? 

Tommy now has super speed, and he sprints around the movie theater, which is currently featuring The Incredibles and The Parent Trap, which are BOTH movies from the 2000’s (further supporting my previous point that whoever is controlling the Hex is losing grip on reality). As Tommy takes Billy for a run, they both remember to not pass “Ellis Avenue,” the same street where the townspeople are frozen in time. 

Wanda and Pietro spend more quality time with each other, mentioning their parents. One theory I’ve read mentions how in one episode Wanda talks about kids, and then she has kids. Wanda talks about her brother, and her brother appears. Would this small mention of their parents cause them to arrive? We know Magneto is their father in the comics, does this mean he will suddenly show up? Might be a stretch, but exciting things may be coming! 

Back to the point, Pietro clearly is aware of everything, pointing out how the town magically had many more kids than it had before. Then like the previous moment with Vision, we see Pietro’s corpse. Love when that happens! 

Now, this is where question marks fill my brain more than usual. Vision goes to the end of the Hex, and pushes out of the forcefield, with the SWORD agents and Darcy just as confused as us. Billy is clearly using his powers to hear his father’s cries, as the forcefield is slowly ripping him apart. They run to Wanda, and she just…extends…the reality? And people still think she isn’t the most powerful Avenger? 

Darcy is handcuffed to a car, and as the soldiers try to run away, the Hex swallows them all, including Darcy. The soldiers turn into clowns in Westview, and it is unclear just how much Wanda has extended reality. But anything to keep your husband from dying a second time, right? 

There are no words to describe the anticipation this episode brings me for the rest of the season. Marvel is outdoing themselves, creating episode after episode with the perfect balance of sitcom and action, as well as questions about the current characters and theories for what is to come.

Until the next episode!

About the Contributor
Arline Daniali, Staff Writer
Arline is a senior at Glendale High School. She is the Senior Class President, the Make-a-Wish president, and a member of ASB. In her free time, Arline likes to watch movies, bake, read, and crochet!
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