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  • November 2Girls varsity volleyball beats Moorpark, 3-0, to claim CIF SS Division 6 Championship!
  • September 13Dr. Lynette Ohanian named GHS Principal! Her previous AP position will be filled by Ms. Jessica De La O!
The News Website for Glendale High School


The News Website for Glendale High School


Nelin Gharpetian Impacts GHS in a Major Way

One of the most involved people at GHS finally gets her spotlight

Nelin Gharpetian was born in Glendale, and she loves going biking with friends or playing with her dog, Bentley. When she first got to Glendale High School in 2020, she quickly immersed herself in every way that she could, despite the fact that we were still learning from home at that time. 

Nelin is currently a member of the GHS soccer team, a part of Gardening Club, Surf Club, Make-A-Wish, Hunger Heroes, and Letters for Rose. She is an extremely multifaceted individual, with so many talents and interests, including serving as the President of ASB.

Nelin has really risen to the occasion this year. When it came to running for ASB President, it was an easy decision for her to make. “Honestly, there was no one else running, so I just ran,” she said. 

Nelin has shown that she is really capable of stepping up and handling extra responsibilities. While she admitted that she never expected to be ASB President when she first arrived here, she has and will continue to leave her mark on ASB’s future. 

Nelin’s high school life changed drastically once she joined ASB. She made tons of new friends and formed an almost familial bond with the people involved. She believes that she has “gained a lot of good qualities and gone through a lot of good experiences” that have “helped [her] grow as a person.” 

Nelin would “100% recommend ASB” for all GHS students because the people you get to meet become really good friends. It’s also an overall really positive experience, especially when coupled with ASB advisor, Mr. Livingston

While ASB is an amazing environment, there is a lot of work to be done. Nelin says that ASB “organizes events, puts up all the posters, does fundraisers, and tries to bring up spirit at school.” ASB is the reason that our school holds events like Round Up and our Homecoming Dance. 

Nelin did say that the most difficult challenge for ASB is organizing events. It takes a lot of planning and money to help our school have as much spirit as it does, and she is the head of that process. There are also two periods of ASB at GHS, and Nelin has seen a disconnect between the two of them. She really wants the two periods to connect as one class, instead of seeing each other as two different classes.

Nelin hopes that the current GHS freshman class feels as welcomed into the school’s culture as she was.  She “hopes to leave a good impact” on our school. She has many aspirations for the future of ASB, and she’s sure to reach them. 

If you want to know what is going on at our school, follow ASB on Instagram: @glendaleasb. If you are interested in joining next year’s ASB class, please contact Mr. Livingston at [email protected].

About the Contributor
Joshua Flint, Staff Writer
Joshua is a junior at Glendale High School. He is the vice president of the marching band and a member of color guard, and he is also the vice president of the Debate Club. He likes reading science fiction, practicing new tricks for color guard, and playing video games.
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