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The News Website for Glendale High School


The News Website for Glendale High School


Francine Ghazarian Is Back and Better Than Ever

Model UN Club president begins her second year in charge

Francine Ghazarian is the founder and president of the GHS Model UN Club. Born in Iran, Francine has loved her experience so far at GHS, and she is involved in many on-campus activities, including student class council, symphonic orchestra, WE Club, Armenian Club, National Honor Society, and Letters to Rose Club. Her hobbies include reading, crocheting, and playing the cello. 

Francine had no experience with Model UN before 2021. She founded the club last year, inspired by her viewing of the movie, To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before. It was her introduction to the idea, which intrigued her, prompting her to research it independently. She found it a compelling concept and decided to start her own Model UN Club at GHS. 

Francine describes Model UN as a simulation of the United Nations, based on its organization and activities. During club meetings, kids learn about both the United Nations and real international crises. 

Students research current events and ongoing issues in the world, like wars and famines. Then they assemble into groups, and every individual is assigned a country to represent. After researching their country’s international perspective, they re-assemble to discuss issues and adopt resolutions.

Because of her previous experience in Model UN, Francine now tries to see all international issues from the perspective of each country involved, and she works to thoroughly research current events. Participating in Model UN has vastly increased her geopolitical awareness, and it has greatly enhanced her analytical abilities. 

Model UN will likewise increase other club members’ awareness of global issues, including social, environmental, and political affairs. In addition, the club will develop members’ empathy, by allowing them to learn about the perspective of other countries. Members will further develop their ability to critically analyze a variety of different situations.

The best discussion that Francine has had in Model UN was on the issue of child labor. To approach that issue, club members researched the child labor situations in the countries to which they were assigned. They looked into the prevalence of child labor in their assigned countries, and the methods by which countries were attempting to curb its practice. This led to an interesting discussion of how to end child labor worldwide. 

Francine’s favorite part of Model UN is these discussions, as she greatly enjoys getting together with the rest of her club members to discuss the issues at the table. Her least favorite aspect is the sheer amount of work required to maintain the club, to the extent that she counts “it as another class.” She also admits that many people sometimes get bored with the club, which she is attempting to rectify this year by “making the club more interesting.” 

Running Model UN has not been without its difficulties, of course. Planning the sessions is often time-consuming. Francine also has a hard time encouraging her members to stay motivated, especially since Model UN is a very demanding club, with a considerable amount of effort required of its participants. Keeping people engaged and on track is by far the most difficult part of managing the club. 

Once she leaves GHS, Francine hopes that the person who succeeds her as club president will schedule conferences at different schools. Next year’s president should also build connections with other Model UN Clubs in California, something Francine herself has not yet gotten around to doing, having only founded the club last year. 

This year, however, Francine is planning on attending at least one conference at another school site. She further plans to continue participating in Model UN conferences in college after she graduates.

If you are interested in joining the Model UN Club at GHS, please contact their advisor, Mr. Whithorne, at [email protected]!

About the Contributor
Dashiell Takeuchi, Staff Writer
Dashiell Takeuchi is a senior at Glendale High School. Having come out of JDL, he speaks both English and Japanese with some minor degree of fluency, and he is currently attempting to learn Spanish as well. He enjoys reading both fiction and nonfiction, and he has a fondness for writing and drawing himself, although he never makes enough time for it.
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