Extraordinary Attorney Woo

K-drama’s first lawyer with autism


Nicole Duarte, Staff Writer

Extraordinary Attorney Woo is a legal K-drama written by Moon Jiwon and directed by Yoo In-shik. Starring Park Eun-bin, Kang Tae-oh, and Kang Ki-Young, this is one of the recently-released series that anyone can watch right now on Netflix. Although some characters are less than enjoyable, this is one of the dramas that just hits hard with certain topics.

The show focuses on the journey of the first South Korean lawyer with autism, Woo Young Woo. She is a rookie attorney who enters one of the major law firms in the country, after years of being rejected due to her disability. One of the aspects that makes Woo extraordinary is her exceptional pattern recognition and her ability to memorize every detail of what she has ever seen and heard.

Each episode focuses on a new case, consisting of different characters and conflicts, which keeps its viewers interested in what will possibly come next. New characters make an appearance as the series progresses, but a handful of characters are active throughout the entirety of the drama.

I highly recommend this show, because of how it beautifully expresses the hardships of lawyers, and of all people in general, let alone someone who is

autistic. The show features a representation of autism mixed with romance, comedy, and law. All the characters, even the ones that make me want to step into the drama in irritation, are relatable to some extent.

The impressive acting performances contribute to the overall plot of the drama. Almost all of the characters introduced can make viewers feel something, whether it be frustration, sympathy, pity, regret, or the desire to be cared for in the way that some of these characters do for one another.

Another element that adds to the success of the drama is the background music. There are a couple different songs that are repeatedly featured, and these songs are as heart-wrenching or cheerful as the scenes they accompany. The music adds to the mood of each scene, and it evokes strong emotions.

The ninth episode of the series, titled “The Pied Piper,” is the episode that not only touched my heart but also my soul as a child. This episode is unique in the sense that it is the only one that highlights some of the hardships experienced by children, in comparison to the common conflicts faced by adults. The episode does this by focusing on the case of a man who is the leader of the children’s liberation movement and gets arrested for kidnapping.

However, the fifth episode, titled “Wild Card vs Tactician,” is an episode that I didn’t enjoy as much, due to the resentment that I felt towards one of the characters. I was infuriated by his actions and by the injustice that was shown throughout. As it relates to cases that are commonly seen in the legal world, the episode’s realistic portrayal made it all the more thought-provoking but harder to watch.

Overall, Extraordinary Attorney Woo is a K-drama that everyone must watch at least once in their life, if not more than once. The lessons learned from each episode are memorable and true-to-life. 

If you haven’t watched it yet, go take a look at the first episode! Another season is in the works and is scheduled to be released in 2024, so stay tuned until then!