Grey’s Anatomy Has to Go!

It’s time for the iconic ABC series to finally hang up the surgical mask

Aniella Pieprzyca, Staff Writer


Grey’s Anatomy is a beloved show by many fans all over the world that was created by Shonda Rhimes. The show has been airing since 2005 on ABC, and more episodes are on Netflix, Hulu, and Prime Video. It is currently the longest-running series that is currently airing on the ABC network.

If you don’t know already, Grey’s Anatomy takes place in the not-so-sunny city of Seattle, where a group of medical interns (Meredith, Izzie, George, Christina, and Alex) are trying to figure out surgery, love, and overall life. The show has been able to hold on to a large contingent of fans that are still watching weekly episodes, but it’s not clear if they will be able to keep that audience for much longer.

As new episodes are released, the more and more confusing the series becomes. Rhimes had been able to carry out and maintain such an amazing show for over a decade, but you can now tell that she’s not the brain behind the scripts anymore. In fact, she stopped writing for Grey’s in 2017. 

The show was then handed off to Krista Vernoff in Season 7. However, the quality of the series has declined over the past few years. With all the dramatic plot twists, this show has become too hard to follow. So many characters die or just leave the series in unsatisfying ways.

One example of this was the decision to kill off both Lexie and Mark at the same time. During Season Eight, Episode 24, there was a plane crash that included Meredith, Christina, Arizona, Derek, Mark, and Lexie. This happened within two episodes, and it got messy and hard to understand.

The show is also suffering from many unnecessary plot twists and storylines. The worst of these is the departure of Alex Karev. One episode he was there, and then the next one he was gone. He left letters for everyone, and the whole episode was the characters just reading those letters. It was just a horrible way for him to leave the show, and it was out of character for Alex to just take off on a whim like that.

I can see why ABC doesn’t want to end this show. It has brought a very large audience to the network and is recognized all over the world. On the other hand, if they drag this series on for too much longer, it will lose the large audience that it first created and lose its amazing recognition. 

Even Ellen Pompeo, the actress that plays Meredith Grey, wants this show to end. ABC was given many opportunities to end the show while leaving fans satisfied, but it failed to do so. 

The iconic NBC series Friends, for example, ended in the right place. The show was neither too long nor too short. The show left fans satisfied and is now considered a classic. With this said, Grey’s Anatomy will lose the nostalgia that it once had if it continues to go forward. 

Grey’s Anatomy was recently renewed for a nineteenth season, but this is a terrible mistake. There is not much left to do with this show, given that there are only three original cast members left. This series has had its time in the spotlight, but it’s time for ABC to pull the plug.