It Ends with Us, Colleen Hoover

This novel will give you all the feels


Melinda Khechumyan, Staff Writer

It Ends with Us is a heart-wrenching and eye-opening novel. It was written by Colleen Hoover, a New York Times #1 bestselling author for many romance and young adult novels. Although this book was published in August of 2016, it received most of its popularity this last year because of the hype it received on TikTok

From the moment I picked up this book, I was completely wrong about what I expected to happen. I could not put this book down, because of how addicted I was to the romance in the story. 

But then the story took a complete turn. This made me so furious that I had to stop reading until I was able to gather my emotions together. 

This novel is about a woman’s struggle to leave a toxic and abusive relationship. Lily Bloom, a woman in her early twenties, falls in love with a man who at first appears to be a dream. As her love grows more for him, she digs deeper into her past, causing the book to take a drastic turn. 

While reading this novel, I felt like I was the girl in the story. This made it so much more difficult for me to read, even with all the suspense. Although I thought I knew what was coming next, I was always proven wrong, which made the story more thrilling. 

Overall, I thoroughly enjoyed the fact that the author gives background information for each main character. Every single event that takes place has a reason behind it, helping the reader to better understand every character’s point of view.

At the end of the book, Hoover provides a couple pages explaining how she wrote this book for her mother, who struggled in her life in ways that are similar to the main character. She is so brave to write a book about such a hard subject.

Hoover introduced the novel with the following dedication: “For my father, who tried his very best not to be his worst. And for my mother, who made sure we never saw him at his worst.” 

I will say that I have no complaints about this novel. Every single event that takes place is handled perfectly. Even though it is hard to accept what eventually happens to Lily, I would still keep everything in the novel the same.

It Ends With Us is a novel that is truly magnificent. No other story has ever made me feel so many different emotions. On one page, I was crying, and on the next one, I was laughing.

Colleen Hoover has written a book that is honestly inspiring, because she wrote about something most people don’t talk about. I highly recommend that you read this book right now, but keep a box of tissues nearby.