GHS Football’s Second Home Game Kicks Off

The GHS Nitros suffer another loss in their second home game at Moyse Stadium against Arroyo High School


Lenyn Murcia, Staff Writer

Our GHS football team played their second home game against the Knights of Arroyo High School on Friday, September 24th. Our marching band, color guard, drill, and dance teams made a return and showed us their school spirit in full force. However, we suffered a devastating loss to Arroyo, with a final score of 49 to 0. Despite this loss, the fans who packed the stands in support of our Nitros thoroughly enjoyed spectating the game.

For the first time this season, concessions were available under the stands, selling snacks and treats, including chips and popcorn. In support of the team, fans were able to buy shirts showing school pride, featuring many different designs. All purchases made went directly to the team. Lastly, fans were able to purchase $1 shoutouts during the game; two cheerleader announcers read aloud the names and messages sent by the people who purchased them.

School spirit was felt loud and clear during Friday’s game. The hype and energy was felt in every second of the game, and that is not an understatement. When asked how he felt about school spirit, marching band member Dylan Brown said, “I think we did really well…I think that if we [had] even more team spirit, we could do even better next week.”

A few injuries occurred on the field that night, and that, combined with our loss, led to a pretty rough night for our Nitros. However, if we keep this spirit and energy going, we can surely secure more victories. 

Our next home game is this Friday, October 1st at 7pm. Go out and show your support for our Nitros!